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So my mother is now in the Intensive care unit with her spleen almost three times its normal size. They suspect that the leukemia has taken hold in the spleen as well. After a biopsy they are probably going to remove the spleen and possibly the gall bladder as well. so my graduation will come and go in a flash surround by taking care of my mother in recovery. Joy!
so I'm getting ready while she's in the hospital by wasting as much time as I possibly can on me. lots of computer, music and dancing. with interval homework, projects and tests.

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yup so I really don't know how to do this so I'm just going to type for awhile and post I guess. My life has been somewhat monotonous for the last year just a lot of school and home life. The only large change was my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia which despite the fact she is my mother I really could care less. My problem is that I came to Chicago to be free of family obligations not to become a caretaker. Now I feel as though when I graduate this July I'll be stuck taking care of her rather than working on the career I was hoping to start.
Stuck .... any thoughts?

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