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I feel so alone

I feel as if every girl I ever am attracted to is never going to want to date me because I am transgender. My first girlfriend broke up with me because I came out to her as transgender. My second girlfriend did the same thing. The one girl I was dating but not in a relationship with who happens to be my best friend that I'm head over heels for also told me she couldn't date me because of my gender identity. I feel like nobody will ever want to date me because of my gender identity. I feel so I will never find love.

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discrimination in the work place

I have been feeling pretty down lately... Everyone at my work knows that I am transgender and that my preferred name is Jay. I asked my manager today if I could change my name tag to Jay instead of my birth name. And immediately she said "Absolutely not" and when I asked why she said "It isn't your legal name". When I brought up the argument that other people have their preferred name as their name tag for example Nate instead of Kenneth, Jo instead of Josaphine, and Matt instead of Matthew. They said "Talk to the owner about it".

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Hey everyone,

I am new to this site. I am transgender female to male. There are a lot of things I have been questioning lately. I don't question my gender identity but I question myself and my own personal strength to stay true to myself and stay out. I am just so lost right now and don't know where to turn. I am from a very conservative town in Wisconsin that is not very friendly toward the LGBTQQIAA community which has brought me to this site to try to find people to talk to.

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