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And I am off to Europe!

I am going on a holiday for 2 months! I look forward to come back tan, fat with many experiences of hooking up with foreign attractive men!

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Why does this site have to go?

Does it matter if its not as popular as it once was?

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Worst day of my life!

I am so unlucky I cannot even believe it!
I have never really been a depressed person, sometimes I get anxiety but fucking hell, I have been so depressed and down today! And this is why:

My dog got sick four weeks ago, and as she lives with my Dad in this remote town, I decided to fly up there to spend some time with her. The flights alone costed 1450 AUD! Which is a joke, to fly domestically I could have flown to L.A or London for that price!!

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Promises for 2014

Short, Sweet & Snappy.

1. Pass ALL subjects at uni. (Going to work my ass off, owe it to MYSELF.)

2. Get abs for Europe in June.

3. Stay tanned.

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The conclusion of my realtionship and my last post on Jake.

Perhaps from the beginning it was destined to fail; He was a drug dealer and I was a church-goer.

However I believe for me or anyone to label him as a bad person as the cause of the failure of a relationship would indeed be a misconception as it simply it is untrue. Jake is an amazing person.

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Tattoo. I saw it.

So yeah we broke up like three weeks ago or whatever, and I stil hadnt seen his leg tattoo and I secretely didnt even want to see it, just in case I liked it and wanted to get back together with him but he sent me a pic of it RANDOMLY today and god it is AWFUL. it is supposed to be a dragon and it looks like a fox, I told him it looks horrendous and I hope he can fix it up somehow. Oh god it looks so bad. Why are people so STUPIDDDDD! people are seirously so stupid! Why do they do these stupid things to themselves!

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So I haven't seen Jake in a whole month! We still speak on email and viber or whatever some days but still. I think we're still sort of together I guess until we see eachother and see how we feel. but space is good for now!! I went to Bali without him with my girlfriends and it was so good, I went out clubbing, and it was cool meeting other people to just know that Jake isn't the only one out there. I nearly cheated on him! With the hottest guy ever but I didnt.

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The Break-Up Cycle?? For the dumper??

I've been looking up Break-Up cycles on the web, and whilst they all seem fair enough they don't exactly seem to be true. And theres not alot of information out there for the dumper. Everything seems to be for the dumpee. Now I know it would probably be foolish to assume every heart break is the same, because it is not, but still I'd like some sort of ball park figure as to what I am about to go through?
Soooo for all you dumpers out there what was it like? Did you feel pain straight away? Or if you didn't when did it start to kick in? Did you try and get them back after a while?

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Are Xanex a bad way to deal with a break up?

I need them to escape the stabbing pains of nausea in the pits of my stomach, and to stop my long periods of crying and anxiety attacks.

P.s the Xanex were smuggled in from Bali, not prescribed.

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Is a tattoo really just a tattoo?

So I went to Bali on a holiday with my boyfriend and his family. On the first day I was pissed off at him because I just kept thinking that somewhere on the small and tiny island that was only a few minutes away from me had slept with jake.

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Why don't I care anymore?

I don't care he doesn't have a proper job anymore? I don't care if he deals anymore? I still care he had sex with that prostitute it makes my blood boil every time I think about it, but why don't I care about the other things anymore?
If he got caught then yes I would care. Before I used to wish he got caught, now it would be the most horrible thing ever.

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What's up my fellow oasis members?

Not much happening in DarkestValley world.

Still with that guy from ages ago, things are better between us, actually a lot better we dont fight anymore! But he's still annoying with the whole, not having a job, #notgoinganywhereinlife agenda.

ha. What's up with all u guys?


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Andddd... We broke up.

It's so shit so far, its only been a few hours, but I already feel so lost and empty.

Break-ups are the worst...

What has been your worst break up experience? How long did it take you to get over your lover? And what helped you get over them?

Thanks guys as always for all your support, mean the world to me <3

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The Ultimatum.. Should I Shouldn't I?

So as you all Jake doesn't have a job with a respectable income, and thus at present is going no where in his life.

Now I am planning a holiday to Europe around mid June, just myself and my bestfriend, and I am seriously thinking of making him the ultimatum that if he doesnt have a respectable income by the time I jump onboard that aircraft I will be single entering Europe..

However I wanted all your thoughts first?

Is this wrong of me to have an ultimatum like this?

Many thanks.

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Its not fair.

So the plan is, I think im going to break up with Jake a few months after our one year. It's going to be so hard, because I love him so much, but I just I cant deal with this kind of stress anymore, this sexual stress!

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