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Failed two subjects out of four at university.
Probably loose my scholarship.
Dad's moving interstate.

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'You can do better'

I am so SICK of that god damn line! Because it's not true well MOSTLY it's not true, it could be true in some cases. But everyone says to everyone, in hope of comforting or something when they are dumped. But it's a complete lie.
Sometimes you CANT do better, lookswise anyways personality wise maybe but idk. Sometimes what you have is so perfect, you can't do can't do any better and sometimes they are better than you.

& Also why the hell is it that some peoples lives are so perfect. Why is it they are goodlooking AND rich AND happy, like Fuck.

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Argggh Fucking Hell :( (

So I went on this holiday right with a couple of friends, one being my friend called Kevin. Kevin invited his friend Alan. Alan liked me, I liked him. 4 weeks later we were going out and he was my boyfriend.
He was wonderfull, I was introduced to the rest of Alan and Kevins friends and they were so nicee.

I talked far too much causing annoyance I suppose and I think I could have like put like bagage on him or some shit idk.

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Bitchn' about LIFE

Ok so describing myself in my last entry seemed a little... empty?

A GIRL (haha for those that thought I was a bloke).
Bit of a slob.
Cod and halo on Xbox live is the sex.
Kinda Christianyy???
Waiting till marriage to explore the wonders of the bedroom (Hardy har har.)

So I guess I should write what is currently the happs in my life I suppose aye aye.

Well... I'm studying primary teaching at university, I rarely turn up and I don't really enjoy it but I got a scholarship and I'm passing so why the hellz not I guess.

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Commencing this journal? Ha...

Ok so might aswell provide some basic things about me...
1) I'm straight.
2) I'm odd.

Now just excuse me for a second while I vent about how bullshit celebrities are.
I.e Those claiming to be Christians and followers of Christ when they commit such sinfull acts of abomination! The biggest one being sex before marriage! Aghhh does my head in!

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