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Ghetto laundry day

It's 7:19 PM where I live and I'm washing clothes. I don't know why I didn't do it earlier this day or this week, but I'm going out tomorrow and need clean clothes.

Have you seen the commercial for the "Forever Lazy" fleece blanket thing? I did and inevitably bought one. And now I can't seem to get out of bed anymore.

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The title is a combination of religion and dull. Hence I refrain from religion or anything associated with religion. Also atheism because science is boring.

Can't we just get along? For Christ's sake, religious idiots get a life and love thy neighbor for thy Christ died for thee's sins and stuff. Why don't these people just get a life and grow up?

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Useless crap

I bought 10 bags of cow manure and I think it's useless. People searching for truth or have lots of time in their schedule should google truth contest and click the first website. It was lots of writing so I just closed the window.

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BurIU rito de carnitas

Today my sister and I went to eat at Chipotle. Then we went to pick up my nephew from daycare and had baked cupcakes for the little kids. Little bastards.

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Oh my Gandhi!

I heard these jokes a few days ago (to be exact, 2 days ago) and thought they were funny. They're from a little known comedian on Twitter. Here they are:
"Bought my fat friend a copy of "Chicken Soup for the Hungry Soul" for her birthday."

"T.G.I.F means Thank Gandhi I'm Free to Indian people."

"Like my grandpa always said 'better to wake up today alive than tomorrow dead.'"

"Watching a runway show. The female models look like Holocaust survivors."

"After watching that Japanese video, I'll never look at octopuses the same way again."

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Writer's block is semi-over

I downloaded an app that lets me read classic books for the incredible price of $0.00. I knew I had to buy it. I watched Love and Death about 3 or so weeks ago and I could not stop laughing. Watch it if you want to see 19th century Russia made fun of. Also watch Midnight in Paris. Also also watch Taxi Driver. Watch those three films as I relate myself to the main characters except Boris. I had a dream that I was a film director that would mentally abuse his hired actors/actresses in order to generate true emotion.

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Inspiration and perspiration

Do you want to know what all men are destined to? — My apologies, I meant to write men and women. Now onto the answer — Sorry, I meant to write men, women, and animals — Again I’m terribly sorry, I meant to write men, women, animals, and plants The answer lies in — I apologize once more as I meant to write men, women, animals, plants, and bacteria. Now, where was I? Ah yes as I said before all men, women, animals, plants, and bacteria are destined to experience writer’s block at least once in their life.

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Too much or too little

You’re not doing enough of this; you’re doing too much of this — you may have been told these words whether it be at school, work, or during sex. *Besides write some of my experiences with this and complain about these wretched sayings, I’ll offer a solution.

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Happy 2009

I haven't been here in like 3 or so months and it was because I didn't have internet and my phone was crap. I traded that crap for a white iPhone and now I have internet.

My depression may not worsen, depending if the medication works, which I'll be prescribed in a week. Right now I'm on vacation for two months and have to go to A.P classes to cover the material we missed during the semester. My GPA for that semester was a 1.03 or something like that. I didn't learn anything.

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you guys must think i'm dead...

but i'm not!

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in saecula saeculorum

hello everyone, the flu season has officially struck (i'm sick). i drank some lemon tea which really helped and i'm feeling alot better. since i now have photoshop, i can finally process my RAW photos i took of the day i went to the aquarium. i took over 100 photos of all the sea dwellers. my friends and i have a facebook page where we took photos of ourselves modeling vintage clothing and show people how to create outfits and so far we only have around 135 likes.

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the princess and the idiot.

i volunteered a week ago to take the portraits of my classmates that the teacher wants to put around the classroom. i've been editing them since i got home. i had just gotten photoshop cs5 extended the weekend and thought that i should get used to it and, obviously, it is difficult to use. i know how to use it, but not well enough to actually make my pictures stand out. anyone who knows how to use it well, please help me. please.

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professional idiocy.

today was a horrible day and it started off with a pain on my right side molars. throughout the day, the pain lessened and i'm feeling better. today was my sister's birthday and we went out to eat and then to the mall. i had fun and the food was delicious. my school now has a complaint system where students can write a complaint and i have one. i think i have a good reason and i need some reassurance so i can send it.

A Modest Complaint
by: Javier ____

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a camera and the artist.

i've been taking my huge 8 pound camera to school for the past week, and why? i was originally supposed to take the portraits of my homeroom classmates but i only have that class on tuesdays and the teacher more often than not gets off topic. then on wednesday and thursday i have my spanish class which doesn't feel like a class because it's only for 30 minutes and we just do some boring review on a recording with people speaking in different accents. some speak spanish too fast (spaniards), some speak it odd (central, south americans).

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awful week.

i haven't been doing much lately because on sunday i came down with the stomach flu which is common for me because i eat too much junk food. i stayed home monday even though i didn't vomit that day except get diarrhea. then the whole week my stomach was churning until wednesday and i kept going to the bathroom every time i ate something. i finally went to the local pharmacy to get some pepto bismol and i felt great and relieved. the funniest part was, before sunday, i had started eating fiber plus bars like candy because they're really good and i didn't know what was actually in them.

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