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beauty cult pt. II.

i want to discuss more of the so-called moving experience.

after the film ended, i continued to cry and my friend was trying to comfort. i guess it hit me hard because it's related to photography, but i think that those models and their photos have absolutely nothing to do with art. it has evolved to putting a pretty face or handsome face in front of the camera so people can think, "i wish i was as beautiful as they are." it is a frightening thought.

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beauty cult.

hey every one i felt compelled to write today although it's 10 here in l.a because a powerful experience happened to me today.

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look around yog.

it's been awhile since my last post and i guess some things have been going on in my sad, mad mind. some days ago i went to my therapy session and i've been taking therapy for a year and a half. my therapist knows i'm gay and has been helping me with it and she gives me great advice. she tells me that it isn't a big deal and that i should be happy for being a unique individual, every one is different in their way, and many of life's greatest lessons. plus she says she loves gay people!

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summer days are drifting away.

i've been having sleepless nights lately. perhaps i'm anxious about something. i'll just watch "wild wild west" when i'm not feeling sleepy. that'll put me to sleep!

has anyone seen that michele bachmann newsweek photo? they call her "the queen of rage" and the photo is hilarious! i could not stop laughing. i remember when the whole "watching glee makes people gay" incident and thought to myself "well watching 'sarah palin's alaska' makes people stupid." methinks katy perry has more sense than rick perry!

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mi futuro.

it's a saturday night and i'm sitting in my bed watching "look around you" and checking my emails.

i already have my future planned out in my head and i'd like to share it with all of you. after i graduate high school, i plan to attend the school of visual arts in new york, or the academy of art university in san francisco. then, i'll move to west hollywood after i finish school. when i told my mom she felt a little unsure at first, but with persuasion she was fine with it. i guess what i want to do is get out there and explore the world and not contain myself inside a bubble.

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i've nothing to say!

today i saw the film "rise of the planet of the apes" and it was really entertaining. i recommend every one go see it. i was upset with the ending and the beginning too. for some reason i think this movie is about a proletariat revolution.

it'll make more sense if you see it and i just don't feel like explaining it right now. i guess that's it for today.

listen to: the sounds - ego

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commie chameleon.

this california weather isn't forgiving and it's august! a few days ago it started raining and out of nowhere, it became sunny. we have some crazy weather here! is it just me or does the new planet of the apes movie seem like an allegory?

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the time warp.

i am currently watching "the rocky horror picture show", my favorite movie. it has great songs and incredibly funny. if you haven't seen it, i strongly recommend you do. summer vacation tends to make me lazy and as i've mentioned before i'll start the new school year at the end of the month.

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hello everyone this is my first blog post and i, being a blogger since '09, am used to expressing my thoughts through words. i am a photographer, amateur to be exact, and i also love reading. my aspirations are what keep me alive. i am going to be a junior in high school at the end of the month. i'll post as often as i can. before i forget, i've one thing to say: i'm a closeted homosexual.

listen to: david bowie - somebody up there likes me

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