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GOD I HAVEN'T BEEN ON THIS THING IN FOREVER! I'm gonna make it short: I have a fever and a sore throat. I feel as if my bones are breaking from the inside..

I'm debating on whether I'm seeing a few friends on Saturday or Sunday. Most likely Sunday. (I should be staying inside) I'm wearing 2 sweaters, sweat pants, socks and fluffy slippers, and I'm still cold -___-


Well, that's all I got, Have a good weekend!

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Lights on After School Walk Tomorrow

I just found out it's going to rain tomorrow. FML. I worked extremely hard on that sign and thanks to mother nature, it might fall to pieces. I have to admit, the rain can be beautiful when it wants to be. I love it at times. Oh well, I'll figure something out. I visit Christopher's Facebook a lot now. I don't know if it's because I'm angry or because There's an urge inside of me screaming "Do you still like that guy?!" I know the screaming urge part isn't the case. I'm madly in love with my boyfriend. Then why did I just suggest it? Nah. What he did to me is unforgivable.

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I got home at 9 from work today. It's been draining me whole. Apparently, I have a day to work on signs on the whole "Lights On After School" walk on Thursday. The entire school is Walking from Carroll Street to Jay Street and back to promote the Good Shepherd After School program. It's all fun and games, but it's a bit tiring when you're the one left with working on the signs for you're kindergarten class.

Any who..

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A Journal Entry That Doesn't Revolve Around El Boyfriend

So here's the deal: I haven't painted or created any type of art expression in weeks! Art is a freakin' passion and I need it in my life. The problem is, I don't have an inspiration. I was thinking of painting a still life, but gee I have like a trillion of those! People? Haven't done those in a while, but I might start up again. I just need a really cool and extraordinary idea. Maybe you can help me? If your idea hits the inspiration spark I'll post it up on and make sure that I label it with "Inspired by ________".

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No Title For This One Guys

Today went well. I was suppose to do the Breast Cancer Walk today (By choice), but my mom told me I was pushing myself too hard; that I should take a break. I guess she was right. I'll definitely do the walk next year. I spent all day with my boyfriend, which was really nice and comforting. We went to Time Square, ate Mcdonald's, and walked a bit. A lot of fun I have to admit. My parent's went to the theater so I was left alone in the house with my boyfriend. We could've done things, but instead we watched The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. That's what I love about him.

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Art, Break-Ups, Real Love?

I bought a bag at a thrift store that might have belonged to an artist at one point. I love the old look to it. It almost makes it look vintage :3 I'm dying to use the freakin' back-pack tomorrow, but sadly I need to get the buckles fixed pronto. They look like giant baby buckles.

Now that, that's out of the way:

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REAL STEEL, Cramped feet, Boyfriends, FUN!

It felt like The sun was going to land on the cement floor any minute today. It was blazing hot! "Lucky me", I wore a LONG SLEEVE dress thinking that it was going to be a bit breezy out. On the bright side I was on my way to the Leows Theater to watch Real Steel, and let me tell ya', that movie was AAAMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGG! I kind of want my own "Atom" robot now :3

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What's up?

So I found this website on my way searching for youtube video's on how to make art journals (from scratch) and decided to make my own account. Don't really know how this works yet, but I'm pretty sure all you do is write, which, hey its my favorite thing to do (aside from painting, knitting, reading, etc.) So I'm submitting my first journal entry to, how can I put this, say "HEY!" to who ever the hell is reading this :) feel free to give me the 411 on the whole navigating-this-webpage thing. Laters.

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