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i had the fright of my life

Jenna ran away, she just disappeared, i thought she was just in her room, i went to check on her and she was gone.
i called her phone and she didn't answer, i called Taylor, Korrie and Belle to see if she was there.
i called Matt's house and Ruby said she wasn't there, Me, Matt, AJ, Ruby & Rosie ran all over the place looking for her, what made it worse is Edinburgh's a big place its the capital.

i eventually found her in our old tree house near Kookie's farm.

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Been Gone Awhile

so a quick update:

Matt & Ruby Got Married in February, i didn't have to wear the dress and instead went in a Tux, probably the only Maid of Honour you've ever heard of in a tux. Jenna was a bridesmaid and she was in a little dress.

My Dads now engaged to the slimmy bitch whore that hates me

Taylor came out as a lesbian, this makes all AJ's siblings gay, yep all 4 of them, although i didn't see her logic in this "i thought you and AJ would hate me" thinking 2 lesbians would hate another lesbian for being a lesbian, i can see the happiness in her face.

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Ah Sunny

you would have been 19 today, Sunny youd pick us up when we were down, why couldn't i see it why couldn't we see it, your depression, you last words to me were "your a good friend Rainbow"

its a shame, its a shame what happened to Sunny the Sexual Abuse, the Neglect the beating's your parents were horrible people Sunny, they should have been locked up years earlier, you were always a loyal friend who never seemed sad at all you were cheerie but now its too late........

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new neighbours & other things

a gay couple just moved into the house down the road there names are Mohammad & Jesus you do not know the feeling of trying to hold in the laugh at there names. they have a little girl called Holly or is it Hollie? they some alright so far the odd thing is that Jesus looks like Jesus, dam so many gay jesus jokes i could tell, buts hes american and so far hates dark humor.
there a mixed race couple Jesus Prefers the 100 metre and Mohammad's Pakistani. XD

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in my last journal i said that Operation Better Half went of with out a hitch it did but more realalisticly it went off better than the best case scenario but for clarity

when the husband of the women Kirsty fucked turned up at my door demanding kirsty the landlord (my uncle) had to remove him. the guy started a fight got the english crap beaten out of him (this would be common, hes english) by the way my unclr ex Royal Commando aka one of britains many special forces. what chance did the guy have still a awesome fight to watch though

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Operation Succsesful

Yes it worked i tricked her into thinking i forgot valentines but gave her the best valentines she ever had went off with out a hitch perfect

but this morning i got the fright of mah life when i saw Kirsty sleeping on my couch because some guy was trying to kill her. because and i quote kirsty "kinda, sorta fucked his wife" och kirsty what we i have ta do with ya

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Operation Better Half is ago

my Top Secret Valentine plan (better half) is nearly ago!. AJ didn't want to do anything special for valentines this year because i forget it all the time this time i remembered, this time im ready.

the plan is simple,
Step 1 get AJ out of the house (complete),
Step 2 prepare champaign,
Step 3 Put rose petals all over the bed,
Step 4 set up chocalate,
Step 5 set up decorations
Step 6 Lure AJ back in house
Step 7 Sweep her off her feet & make her feel special

this plan cannot fail if it does i have a back-up Operation Back-Up which is attemp to make a romantic night or

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i think Jenna's nearly over it

i think Jenna's nearly over it now, i heard back from the head teacher about the Homophobic teacher and they opened a investigation and ended up firing him, shes also going to go through her work and see if he gave her a wrong grade and the MSP is actual going to use this case as an example for checking teachers background more.

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Jennas doing better

Jenna's starting to do better shes beginning to talk again and cry less she seems better than this morning she just wants to be loved right now, shes sleeping again and shes curled right up against me, its just like old times.

she said that people just started hating her for no reason, that E doesn't like her anymore & that one of the teachers is being homophobic (actually a crime here) to her and that hes making alot of homophobic comments and that nobody cares (ive personally told the Head Teacher & MSP but ill just have to wait and see if hes still in school when the school opens)

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Jenna Just Told Me Whats wrong :(

Jenna came out of her room today and after being completely silent for a couple of hours she randomly burst into tears, before yesterday she hadn't cried like this for 3 years, she said its because nobody likes her anymore and she hates her life.

because she always gets bullied alot, E doesn't like girls anymore (i always thought she was phasing) & everyone hates her.

she was cuddling into me and crying her eyes out. and she slowly drifted to sleep in my arms and i just put her to her bed and let her sleep.

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Extra Extra Extra

major update right now, this day rapidly became BAD.

firstly, i had a headache and went to take a paracetamol but someone replaced the paracetamol with "wet" pills so right now im wetter than a Scottish Summer, nuff said.

secondly, Rosie just broke her leg and shes terrified of hospitals so im taking care of her.

thirdly, im babysitting Berry & Eric (my niece and nephew) since Matt & Ruby are doing something for their wedding, ive just get them to sleep babies are hard! to take care of.

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Something Extra

i got a letter from the School yesterday about Jenna getting in a fight with a girl called Sasha shes Mercedes little sister im guessing Mercedes told her to do it, i would be surprised, the school said it was a Homophobic attack so Mercedes got in a ton of shit, muahahahaa, while we got of scot free.

apparently Mercedes told her sister to mock Jenna for being gay which lead to a fight where Sasha get beaten up by Jenna. after wards Mercedes blamed me as it was part of the "homosexual agenda".

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this made me laugh XD

this girl shes a 17 year old Virgin and she recently passed her driving test and a guy how lives in another street accidently Crashed into her.

nobody was hurt the guy didn't mean it but the crash broke her hymen and shes attempting to sue him for rape XD. thats hilarious

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some stuff

first off, watching a tv show about the Glasgow Airport Attack and thinking why?
did Osama Bin Laden really Go "we have to infiltrate the west at its most vital point.... Glasgow Airport" what the hell? or more likely it was just Richard Hammond being late for checking. i love how England Terrorist attack PANIC, America gets attacked PANIC, Scotland Gets attacked beat the terrorists to death! it creates a image of a Scottish guy going "excuse me pal while i punch this al khieda bastard in the face" "yah got a fag ill get a light of this bastards face HOLD STILL YAH BASTARD".

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well, i was cornered by dads girlfriend in Tesco she is a bitch but she started out more curious than bitchy i thought she was being nice.

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