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let me ask you a question...

that i was recently asked Where did you meet & how did you all become friends?

well, School

I met Kookie on the first day of School ever, we were rejected originally as with young age Girls don't like Boys & Boys don't like Girls, so we were Rejected because we have always been very macho Girls, Boys didn't like us since we were girls & the girls didn't like us because we were "acting like boys" so we just became friends. i always thought she was lesbian cause she kissed me regularly & played very rough with me turns out she was straight and just very secure about her sexuality.

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Where i get mistaken for a guy for the 1,000,000,000,000th time

literally ever since the 1st day of school up till now, literally i remember it,

the teacher wanted to get to know everyone's name so she asked all the boys & girls into 2 groups. so naturally i went with the girls, i remember some of the girls confused with why me & Kookie we where their, and the boys were confused too why we weren't over with them.
i can understand i had short bed hair, a slightly deeper voice, physically strong & tough, Kookie was just a stereotypical farm girl, the teacher had to check and yet the files said female.

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What Happened, Jenna?

Me & Jenna were very close, and now we just seem distant we've been though so much together and now were distant, we've ever since she was a baby i was closest to her, much much closer than anyone else.

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AJ's Home :)

AJ came home yesterday apparently her holiday was shite, again, no surprises there we spent all night together and shes still sleeping, and cuddling into me, im gently petting her hair & shes smiling, shes so cute when she sleeps

Jenna's still angry with me, because i basiclly took alot of things off her & made it impossible for her to be on the internet for a while

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AJ's Coming back tomorrow im so excited & happy
can't wait

p.s. Jenna stop it, you know what i mean! PM if you see Maxium_Jennadrive logged in

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What the Hell is Her Problem?

do any of you have that bitchy Friend or ex friend who does it purposely just to piss people off well we used to be her friend she became a bitch & sort of brought us all down a bit we all stopped being her friend now shes all resentful & pissed she constantly Mocked us, Physically Fought us & Tormented us to no end.

me & six of my friends randomly ran into us she actually came up to us purposely and said
Looks at me first and says "if it aint the Rainbow Dyke the Carpet Eater"
looks at Racheal "oh boo hoo its the Girly Diva stop the presses shes a twat"

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a completely random journal

i did talk to Jenna about her porn i don't want to talk about it. shes banned from the Computer for 2 weeks, im taking her webcam away from her, changed my laptop password so she wont hack it & on a unrelated note ive replace all the metal coat hangers with plastic ones so she cant lock-pick my bedroom door

i got a tagged on another LGBT site (can't remember which) but it involves putting this quiz on another site this is the site i chose, these are not my questions

1. whats your full name?
Rainbow Robin Drewll

2. how old are you?

3. Birthday?
11 November 1993

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i found something else on the computer this time i wasn't looking for it i lent Jenna my Laptop for the day when her's was damaged and shes went to E's House shes going to be there for the night and she left it on sleep she knew she would be gone for the night & she knew i would go on it

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you'll always be mine

my cousin Jamie's Daughter Sara has moved out and before i continue i will say that Jamie has unfix-able unstraight eyes, is a very slow learner and calls Sara her little muffin & has a speech issue people think shes mentally retarded shes not though

so she wrote a poem called: Your Always Mine

I wish i could be someone as wonderful as you
i wish i could speak clearly and make sure everyone knew
how greatly i adore you, how everything ive done
was just to give you your own moment in the sun.

i wish i could be cleverer, i wish i could be wise

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i have a message

from my old blog:
i have a message

Alright guys i need to talk to you about something

there are some people saying im very pro-LGBT, and some saying im so stereotypical im shaming the LGBT community, and some saying im neither.

this is becoming a hot topic im glad i sparked so much interest in something i didn't mean to! sadly, ive heard many hurtful things being said

here in Scotland we do have girls that are kind-hearted, shy, innocent & Gentle but its important to know there are other types of girls as well.

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i miss her so much...

i just miss AJ so much she has to go on this trip every year without a say and i can't come :'( its so depressing i can't be without AJ and i can't get my mind of her because Racheal's taking care of Belle, Rosie's with Racheal, Hope's out of town for some business, i don't know whats up with Kristy shes been gone a day now im starting to worry, Ashley's over worked and Kookies doing Farm business & Jenna was at school today

im so alone right now :(

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it happened early :'(

AJ had to go on the trip early so she just left. i just have to survive i suppose :(

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i think this is what im going to do

for the next 2 days, see AJ's going away for the next 2 weeks on a family holiday, so im going to make these next 2 days special, you know make her feel special let her know i love her more than anything in the world take her out for dinner get a little drink later on

yeah ill think ill do that

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they should stop

my little 12 year old sister keeps asking for sex tips & techniques, dear god its consistent its not just once or twice its everyday now sometimes a couple of times a day, she tried to hack my laptop to she if she could find some.

my brother's asking pointless and random questions to see if ill be a good babysitter how does peeing in the shower make me a good or bad babysitter.

and constantly future sisters in law are coming into our house.

and worst of all AJ is going on a family holiday for 2 weeks in 3 days :'(

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Alot of stuff

you all do not know cramps like me & AJ know cramps, i have just had cramps in both my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, knees, chest, stomach, jaw & tongue 2 paracetamol aren't enough.

Future Tip for all you: no matter how much you have or how good you are at it having sex for 6 hours will be painful after, but completely worth it.

the cramps just a downside of sex addiction.

NOTE: if you want to know anything about the sex thing just PM me

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