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short straw....

i went drinking with all my close friends and we use a short straw system to see how stays sober i drew it :( and now that were all home i can safely say that was hilarious ive never been the sober one before the way everybody is different when there drunk.

AJ is the horny drunk although she is horny all the time so its just her really staggering which is hilarious.
Racheal just can't hold her drink and blacked out.
Rosie's the excited, jumpy drunk its oddly funny.

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Day 2

its day 2 now of Belle being here still her & Racheal Argue constantly oh and yet again Belle is trying to become my new sister and she seems to be avoiding Jenna don't know why i know shes not homophobic. maybe because Jenna's my Sister, maybe shes uncomfortable staying in the same room as a lesbian, maybe they fell out i don't know

apun a realisation i just realised Jenna is just like me i think too much like me both personality & behaviourally i fear this could be bad for her future

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Checking some old folders

when i found a old folder of photos entitled "For AJ on the Trip" before i continue i forgot the trip i remember what it was now, it was a Jacklyn family holiday so none of us could go so i was without AJ for 2 long weeks :(

the meaning of the folder is that we both are well sex addicts and get horny & get shaky hands when we haven't had sex in 24 hours so i started sending her photos of me for her when she was away, well you can guess what the pictures were, but memories

odd fact about me: can't take photos with clothes on but can take photo's no problem without them

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first of all out of the gazillion of things was Belle & Racheal, belles staying for 2 weeks and a normal 12 year old & a OCD riddled 18 year old do not mix at all!

secondly we went to meet Ruby's 3 sisters for the first time. i knew something must be wrong with them for us all not to be introduced her sisters are all queers sexually, behaviourally & Mentally its weird.

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oh no!

Racheals little sister Belle is staying over for 2 weeks and they don't get along AT ALL last time she tried to make me her new sister (not joking!) because im a good sister to Jenna

ill update daily about it but i won't be easy

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Stupid Wind!

Living in Scotland weather is well.... SHIT! the best weather in Scotland is like 3 days of sun in the summer and Snow in the winter and the worst weather we enjoy Thunder hate rain but absolute worst is Hurricane Force Winds.

the skive past cause alot of damage and take out all the power, take down trees, break roofs & fences.

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Best morning conversation ever

i can't stop laughing seriously.

we all except Jenna were up eating breakfast. Racheal was going to go shopping i said we need more toothpaste & soap. Racheal realises im the one using it all and asks how often i brush my teeth & wash my hands. i say i wash my hands after i go to the toilet, before i eat, after AJ etc. and brush my teeth 3-4 times a day 1 in the morning 1 at night and after AJ

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ok finally for all those who want to know what i kind of look like here

the first links is what Matt drew of me "plotting my revenge" its decently accurate my hairs too long, my boobs are too big and my hair colours do not repeat.


the second like is AJ's drawing the most accurate my hair is right and the so are the colours i do own a tracksuit and trainers just like them.


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Happy Hugmanay & Pics

Happy Hugmanay (thats new years if you don't know) well like i said before me & AJ celebrated the err um ah .....Traditional way

so was thinking some people are asking about what i look like especially socialist (hes like a STALKER, only joking) so ive got a fear of sharing photos and videos of myself with people who are not my family or close friends

but im willing to share drawings but don't know how to share pictures on oasis :L

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Why, Why, Why?

OK since Matts getting married soon and of course im going but in my family we have a tradition to grant the person getting married one favour of there choice.

so before i say the favour i was going to go to Matt's wedding wearing a Tux with an Rainbow Tie so his favour is to wear the Rainbow Dress i hate it but i have to wear it.

Ruby's favour? i can't act too masculine i'll try to not be too masculine but no promises.

so yeah hate dresses.

oh and im the Maid of Honour

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i just woke up

i was in the hospital for about 18 hours last night for the birth of Berry & Eric, there healthy babies at i think it was 8 pounds each.

it was a great night both for the birth & the hilarity of it Matt got sent to A&E because ruby broke his hand completely snapped 4 fingers and broke most of the bones Matt didn't notice it was a doctor at did its one of those things you just have to see it.

Matt was literally fighting to not go to A&E cause he didn't want to miss it he got dragged round a corner and running back in.

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Got a Text

From Matt he says:

Rainbow Rubys going in 2 labour get here now!.

im in the front seat of my car while AJ's Driving i would be driving if my license wasn't suspended typing this up on my mini-laptop on the way to St. Johns Hospital.

its earlier than expected but he's comically in Terror and aparently Ruby's very calm so his twins are due and i will hate to do it but i have to tell him he can't go drinking and hanging out all the time now he will have to take care of Berry & Eric.

see you soon.

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I Love This :D

ok for those who don't know Irn Bru is a awesome Scottish drink which is more popular than cola here. it is imported into other countries but there are only 2 countries in the planet where you can taste normal irn bru Scotland and Russia. Irn Bru anywhere else has had the best stuff removed god i love how the UK allows such ingredients in stuff.

and the snowman is a classic British movie.

and shows some of the best places in Scotland too (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Loch Ness & the Highlands).


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I wish she would just go in a hole and DIE!

my mum called again saying she wanted to come to Matts Wedding. mum FUCK HER she kicked me and Jenna out 3 years ago and disowned me for being gay and assumed jenna was gay and disowned matt for supporting us. the bitch had her chance nobody except our family, Ruby, & our friends know how Matt gets when hes mad he after the call punch a hole through a brick wall.

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Twas Christmas Morn...

and every little one was stirring young little Jenna woke up with excitement she summoned us all by energetic shaking and was welcomed in the living room by a Matt and a Ruby after much ado about presents the good ones where opened first

Jenna received a new IPod and a TV she was excited as Cake
AJ received a new computer and many a Belgian chocolate
Rachael this year got a brush and a bottle of expensive champagne to mark this day
Rosie this day got a party a Christmas one to that she dreamed of
Matt received a brilliant gift of a minivan that was a return from that one i wrecked

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