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sorry Rasiosilence....

sorry radiosilence for my last journal, hope you don't hate me for it, i'll never mix beer and irn bru 32 again it aint worth it sorry again :(

i wont blame it souly on that but if you mix those drinks together with my personality all hells unleashed just the arrogance and drive to win overpower me if the loyalty would overpower them it wouldn't have happened sorry about that one more time :(

you mad at me?

while im typing this Socialist have you found it yet?

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i AM NOT Innocent in any way

a bit personal, but i don't care.

i was yet again reading old journals and read one of Radiosilences ones (i am a dantely innocent flower) i AM NOT Innocent in any sexual way.

and before you continue i know your not Jenna so don't complain.

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12 days to go!

12 days to go till Ruby gives birth to the twins who have already been Named Berry & Eric.

and he has gave my name to Berry being her future middle name and Eric's middle name being dads as in:

Berry Rainbow Drewll.
Eric Christopher Drewll.

ill probably babysit them often knowing Matt & Ruby.

i will probably find it amusing then laughable then sad for the fact matt won't be able to go out drinking for a while but such is life.

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just quickly.....

before i start i seen matts other drawing its:

-Hope lying on her side with a how cute look on her face
-me sleeping with my head quite close to AJ's crotch
-AJ sleeping leaning on hope with her mouth open
-Rosies curled up asleep with a balloon sheet over her
-Racheals asleep also curled up leaning on her heads
-Ashley's sleeping with a smile on her face and holding lightly onto hopes hand
-Kookies sleeping leaning on Hope
-Kirstys trying to get to sleep

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we just emptied the fridge, drawings and hair colour

this will be very long but please read

nothing like the look on AJ, Rosie & Racheals faces when me & jenna get up for a midnight snack and eat almost everything in the fridge i.e. we just emptied the fridge. i find it weird at me & jenna can almost eat a whole fridge between us and somehow stay fit and thin. i do occasional exercise but to my knowledge jenna doesn't exercise at all.

im hoping she isn't doing my "way of working out at night or occasionally during the day" if you catch my drift.

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what effect has porn had on your life?

this is an odd idea, but what effect has porn had on your life?

personally, i seen straight porn when i was about 7 i was unaware of what i was watching and a little confused so straight porn had no effect.

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Skirts, Bollocks and Tradition

i like to do comedic rants, so heres one, translations provided.

one quick point before you continue:
when i say pants or boxers i mean Underwear and Trousers means Pants just to clarify.

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A letter to my younger self

this will be very long, but please read this took me a while. Can i please get some feedback on this thanks

Dear Dumb ass (aka me) me, you whatever, stop bitching about everything, but most importantly it gets BETTER! thats probably the only thing i ever wanted to hear from 8-15, they are people who will HATE you just remember you are better than them and could if it gets to that kick there ass.

first off some stupid things to avoid,

DO NOT (15) eat that sandwich you know that one the one your dared to put every condiment know to man you WILL BE SICK FOR A WEEK!.

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i heard what happened at the Sleepover

i heard what happened at the Sleepover, im OK with jenna growing up fast but i just hope she isn't forcing herself to grow up fast.

but at least she enjoyed it she won't stop talking about it although i don't blame her Matt says i wouldn't shut up about AJ when i was younger

if you don't know what happened its in one of Maximum_Jennadrive's Journals she wrote it better an i can

i don't really have any more to say for now

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yes its been a great day

Well 2 free holidays went to Amsterdam to see Tord and Jorge's wedding and in the summer get to go to Moscow for Joseph and Linda's wedding.

and today got most of the day to me & AJ oh yeah privacy since Matts with is GF, Rosie and Racheal are out somewhere and Jenna's at a sleepover.

in today's news my cousin Blair has just literately just the now joined Oasis under the name of Tycoondashkid.

oh and Matts girlfriend Ruby is pregnant to so im gonna be a aunt in January.

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a big gay wedding

Well this weeks sure been special first off after learning the basics of dutch we flew over to amsterdam for my cousin Tord's wedding met Jörge too nice bloke happy for Tord struggled to keep Rosie from buying a load of useless trash that would probably be used in one of her parties and stop AJ from getting too Drunk

then Joseph proposed to my cousin Linda and turns out my brother matt's girlfriend is pregnant so arguable good and bad

on the downside caught Jenna fapping, quite suprised

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i just found "some-stuff" on the computer

well when i was messing around on the computer earlier and found some "stuff" on the computer. i knew it was jennas as i found it in her usual hiding place and had to talk to it about it to her the second "talk" in the last 30 days. thank god i think i covered it all for now at least i should have asked for help here again but didn't cause i thought jenna would have seen it she was embarrassed enough i caught her kissing a girl but i hate "talks" so much.

well, got a week of touring ahead of us be back next Friday.

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Aww its about my sis

my little sister recently joined Oasis as Maximum_Jennadrive the same sister who i asked the help for helping her come out.

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