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What's going on?

This wasn't my day. I woke up late. I was waiting at the bus stop and the bus never arrived. I have this friend from kinder garden that drives to school everyday, she is already in the university and her school is close to mine so she gave me a ride.

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He must be as confused as me

First of all, thanks guys for your help. I really appreciate what you do for me. Thanks for reading and thanks for being so cool.

Unfortunately, i don't have this class with him on fridays, so i couldn't be with him yesterday like most of the time. The good thing about my school is that it is too small and have to see him eventually and his classroom is next to mine, so i don't have to wait a lot of time to finally see his face.

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Is he GAY? Help D:

Hi everybody! My name is Danny, i'm 18 years old and i'm from Mexico.
I don't really know how i found this page but i'm happy i did it. I have the biggest problem i have ever had in my life. So, let me talk about it.

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