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adventures in gaming

you know, if their is 2 things in gaming i love its looking too deep into games and indie games but lately Torture Platformers are taking a place there, you know Super Meat Boy, Cloudberry Kingdom and I Wanna Be the Guy (despite that i still say that one game is the spawn of all evil) the pain and soul ripping of this genre is just perfect to me on so many levels. the little irony is my favorite characters in SMB are Jill and Commander Video and if you get that you are awesome.

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so things

ive been trying to get back into poetry and challenge myself and in doing so i invented a challenge. i call it the Sabaton Challenge. it takes inspiration from the band of the same name. they previously made 3 songs, Metal Crue, Metal Machine and Metal ripper. the Challenge is as such, of course this is just a skill challenge, is to list 60 bands or less, the higher the number the higher the difficulty. the 1st part is the base of metal crue, band names, for example the first paragraph of Metal Crue is

"Take some venom and accept
That you won't see nazareth

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Im Back!

Its been a long time hasn't it?.

well a quick recap i guess. judging by the last Journal as the time i left.

-there was a argument again between me and mum that still continues, that if i can't find a job or get to college she'll take me back, which she can't legally do but i know she'll try.

-She lost custody of my Brother.

-i dated someone for 9 Months after everything improved.

-now im dating someone else.

-met some new friends.

-nearly died in this summers heat.

-not much else happened really.

also growing up is scary.

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my friend died

he died last night, they said their was nothing they could have done for him, goodbye old friend

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why, why, fucking why

yesterday one of my last friends was rushed to hospital, he was attacking in his home and left for dead, they say he most likely won't make it.

they don't know who attacked him yet, why do bad things only happen to good people?.

if he dies that makes 21 people who cared who died.

i can't take this, i know everybody dies but i just can't accept it, not at all, and i feel horrible and like its my fault, the only thing every one of these people had in common is me, and its starting to tear me apart.

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Long time, new journal

awesome song, you know the guy who sung that had a show on Cartoon Network XD

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Alot of Stuff

Me: Nothing happens, Write Journal
Me: Alot Happens that i need advice with, does not write journal
im weird

so stuff

2 days ago:
My Dad came into my room with his phone, someone was screaming, i could here it, so my dad gave me a phone my mum was screaming at me because she was told i was meant to be at School, ive left school and she didn't want me too, not because of education but because since ive left mum gets nothing of my dad, so shes angry because dads not giving her any money now.

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ive got Blacklight and Most Major Characters ready for the story but The Main Villain in this Story, Update, i need help with him, tell me if this is ok:

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my Super hero OC

you see i have a Super Hero OC (well ive got a lot of ones ive made, but one true OC) i call him Blacklight, see im going to write a story for him and i need your opinion.

would it be a good idea to make him have amnesia and can't remember how he got his powers all he knows that its someones fault and when he finds out hes going to make them pay dearly for it.

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its been a while since i posted...

ill start with some sad news, Eduard Khil also know as the Trololololol guy died today due to stroke.

im in a rump, im too i don't know how to say it other then "meh" to do anything now :L, just sitting on my bed on my laptop is my life now, unfortunately.

nothing else just meh

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BLOWN! today i had 2 exams History General and Credit, we got a hour 20 minute break inbetween them, i was alone with Iain no one around AND I BLEW THE PERFECT FUCKING CHANCE! i never told him god im an idiot.

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it was BOILING yesterday

it was 26 degrees (Celsius) outside yesterday, by most of the worlds standards thats under-room temperature, but that is a fucking heat wave, some people wore nothing but a vest and pants.

that doesn't sound too bad to you, let me remind you the average Scottish summer is 12 degrees Celsius, and our winter is -20.

thank god our summer is short, people will start dying if this continues and im not joking people do die of that heat here.

i had the heating turned to -1 just so i would stop sweating.

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[insert witty title that's a call for help here]

first 3 new poems, i would like a critique please, but i wouldn't be bothered if no one did

http://tycoondasher.deviantart.com/gallery/36530775#/d50cpxh this one is really just an account of the last 3 years

http://tycoondasher.deviantart.com/gallery/36530775#/d50t3q0 this one is a account of Iain

http://tycoondasher.deviantart.com/gallery/36530775#/d50t54y and finally this one is just a joke one based of this weekend

on to main subject, Iain, i only get to see him 2 more times, i don't know if i should tell him i like him or not HELP!

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2 new poems:
Best Laid Plans:

Slipping Away:

I would really love Some Opinions and Critiques, Thanks

nothing else at all at the Moment :(

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