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a couple things

new poem: http://tycoondasher.deviantart.com/#/d5038vx

about the poem that, i nearly relapsed back into cutting for almost no reason too, thank god i didn't though, SO CLOSE too i could have completely failed too, i then remembered so many people's help like Inspired-Creativity on dA and Rainbow and Matt in reality were very helpful too, hell Oasis was awesome too.

the poem helped too, poetry helps alot with this.

on to a unrelated topic, i have got a perfect idea for my story, but you'll just have to wait for that.

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Random Update

did ya hear?
Osama Bin Laden had a large amount of porn, Osama Bin Laden for like Osama Bin Wanken.

here i bet he had these pornos: the Suicide Bummer, the War on Terror jism, Te Jad Massive Tits & the best of all: Tora Bora Whora She Loves it Back Doora


ive got a Idea for a Story, Unnamed and Unmade yet, but it will be very sadistic and all the stuff i like.

in other news

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THE AVENGERS! = Epic (Spoilers)

if you haven't seen the Avengers 2 things, 1 what the hell is wrong with you? and 2 don't read on unless you don't want to see the movie

Great Movie, one of the Best Marvel movies yet, some of their best Characters (Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow) Awesome!

and Loki as the villian, great Choice!, he was better in this than he was in Thor

great writing and great lines some of my favourites are:
Thor: He's my brother
B. Wid.: he killed 90 people in 2 days
Thor: Hes Adopted

Hulk: Puny God

Cap. America: What are you under the armour!

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i hate ZILLATARDS! (AKA Godzilla vs Zilla)

for gods sake its ok if you like Zilla (the American Godzilla from the 1998 piece of crap!) but for fucks sake he can't kill Godzilla!

listen to the logic here Zilla's more of fight for American King Kong, The Host and maybe some other monsters his size

OK imagine a Ferrari vs a Tank its obvious whos going to win, the tank could blow the shit out of the Ferrari

its a brilliant metaphor too!

Godzilla's Slow & Clumsy but hes massive, nearly undestructable and has atomic breath and oh yeah is a walking NUKE!

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i made my first head canon thing for MLP first Twilight:

not much going on, my new laptop or as ill call it shit broke and it needs to have Windows reinstalled, ive had it since christmas and it broke, im using my old laptop that ive had for years, yeah its battery won't charge properly and its DVD is broke but it still works alot fucking better than the shit one

so in other words HP laptops always are better than ADVENT laptops, also never buy anything from PC World.

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oh not again

my laptop broke for the billionth fucking time and ill have to have my dad reinstall windows on it -_-

since i have only been able to use my Galaxy Tab for internet i could not make a journal on here or a poem on dA or effectively use Tumblr, only face book worked properly -_-

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first of all and this is not related to anything else on here but, wow 1 more day of normal school just Tuesday then exams 4 subjects and 10 papers in the first 3 days
(general computing, general & Credit Classics, Foundation and General English Reading and a universal gradable writing, general & credit Latin Translation and General & Credit Latin interpretation)

so in relating to the title, i have just came out to a group of people and i thank Mary-Beth for that giving me a push to tell a friend, a person i have a on/off friendship with and someone i don't know well.

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randomly boring post

i made a new poem:

while im on the subject whos got a dA i found Shelby's and Super Duck's who else has got one?

and imagine this scenario life without tumblr, what do? id die of boredom no other scenario just die of boredom.

going to uninstall a crap load of crap of my old laptop, download realplayer download all MLP episodes all my fave music and videos, going to get broadband at my grans now since Sky is giving it out for 6 months free then only £17 a month.

fuck yea

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what a week

my internet wasn't working on my laptop -_- so i was using my galaxy tab for a while, im back on the laptop now but ive had a odd week.

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i can feel it in the air,

its the time in the Scottish year where life returns, the flowers are already back but the grass will grow in massive amounts along with the roots that come with them.

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random Post

on dA on one of my OC ponys i got into a RPing with someguy which lead to my personal OC Pony (Blue Bru) slowly and painfully killing his OC Pony (twice) which somehow lead to sex im still not entirely sure how that happened. http://tycoondasher.deviantart.com/art/Lightning-Strike-295324050 its all the comments.

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a boring post

this is very boring

ive heard alot of LGBTQ americans claim that they're was never a good LGBTQ singer ever, fucking look across the pond we had Freddy Mercury he died but he was still awesome openly gay during a time when it was a bit taboo and i love that Brits got shocked when the rumors spread about him, he did a say called "want to break free" which was basically all about gayness and we still had no clue.

also i wonder if ill ever Come Out of the Bush, Blood Bath & Stable to people, its for some reason harder to do than coming out.

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i give you permission not to read

i had an Alright easter, my dad came round and woke me up about 12ish got an egg from him and gran, played with Millie nothing much happened

Been Facebook stalking my crush and oh my god topless pics.....
-////////- <3
he so cute topless, le sigh, i have to leave him after school ends he has a twin-sis shes cute too, found a pic of both of them on the beach Iain had nothing but Trunks on and his sis had a tight bikini.
i just turned myself on.

its settled im moving in with my gran after school. and ive applied for a apprentaship at Sky next year.

im down for now

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weather is odd here

the last couple of weeks its been boiling like summer weather today its been snowy and hail, SNOW AND HAIL, its 6 feet deep up in Haddington & West Whitburn and 8 foot all the way up in Inverness , Jesus Christ Scotland's weathers always been Random, Sporadic and unpredictable but never 8 foot of snow after a whole week, it was 20 degrees during the last week that is the hottest weather in Scotland since 2003 now it was -7 a hour ago now its 2 what the fuck weather?

Weather Y U NO Make sense?

Scotlands a Land of Extremes

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You know What

Scottish seperation cannot come soon enough the Tories all the fucking way down in London are now going to start spying on us all phone calls, Email, snail mail, Internet everything.

What the Fuck was Cameron and Clegg thinking, "hmm the people dont hate us enough lets let them hate us more"

theirs not even a vote on it or a parliment debate (Scottish or English) they're just forcing it on us

can't say its our fault if we riot or rebel or even revolt

yet why did we vote out the Labour government? they were doing a much better job

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