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so many things....

Happy April Fools Day, even though its technically over.

i love April Fools for 3 reasons

1. its a excuse for trolling

2. the main reason is that my grandad died a few years ago we had so much on april fools day every single year without fail we would troll people together, it was so fun, god i miss him

3. everytime i cry someone always cheers me up with a joke

i think i need help, real help

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wow, reality sets in

just realising how close i am to leaving school, leaving my house and entering the real world.

im on my easter holidays the now for 2 weeks, then 1 week of school then my final exams and Study leave then theres no reason to go back to school at all.

wow reality sets in

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a Child Raised Like me (not mine)

A child raised in judgement
learns to feel judged.

A child raised with critisism
learns not to accept themselves.

A child raised with praise for another
learns to belittle themselves.

A child raised with impossible expectations
learns to expect failure.

A child raised with hurtful words
never learns to believe those words that are nice.

A child raised with disapproval
never learns to smile.

A child raised with no one to speak up for them
never learns to speak up for themselves.

A child raised with blaming
learns to feel that the fault is theirs.

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can't write a journal, wait

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Coming Out Ideas.... Again & Children books

first off i realized i got the abbreviation wrong i won't be B.U.G (Bisexual until Graduation) i be a S.U.G (Straight until Graduation).

my plan is after im done with high school ill unfriend my mum & brother then ban them from my Facebook then announce that i am Bi to my friends, my mum & brother don't know and im safely in a top secret location aka where im going after high school.

good plan i think.

secondly, i think i should write childrens books i mean listen to these:

"jack do you have anymore of those beans"

"a String fellow? Didn't you know

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My First Boy Crush is

Gay, yeah, he came out to someone that he had a crush on Paul, the person he told, told all her friends and Rosie & Jenna told Paul who freaked out about Dean liking him and a sudden realization that he asked dean to come to Rugby practice with him.

im starting to wonder if i have a shot now XD,

on a different note im been thinking about:
American Government & Presidents V British Government & Prime Ministers
and from what ive seen Britain has a better rounded government

we have no Republican Party, No REAL Conservative party and no Fascist Party, WE ROCK

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ive been thinking about many things

firstly, i need a LGBTQ friend, some one i can really talk to y'know?, MB said that she has a Bi Friend when i came out to her and Gemma said at she knows least ten LGBT's and im the 5th to come out to her. maybe i should ask or not.

secondly, Isn't Scotland Technically independent? we have our own Parliament, and the English parliament, Monarchy and Prime Minister have no say in Scottish Government and affairs, we technically have a different currency and laws, seperate (and much better) NHS and Education system. so i can't settle on we are technically or not its confusing me

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Primeval Marathon

YES i love this show!

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im stuck at my Grans

my dads cars axl or something broke and now he can't take me back to mums, YAH BEAUTY. god i hate my mums so much its just so depressing god but YES now mums this week :D

only downside i was going to go to Rainbow's this week, oh well ill jut have to go next week then.

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Did Oasis become a home for homophobic mothers?

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ah just a very boring day today

the only real event was a english guy struggling to comprehend Scots, we learned their language, they can't learn ours

he keeps confusing Aye, Aie, Ase, Arse, Aleo, Aew, Aesk & Aine i had to keep explaining that
Aye = Yes
Aie = Awesome
Ase = Damn you
Arse = Ass
Aleo = unreachable
Aew = Right
Aesk = Ask
Aine = i know

i could understand if it was the accent we have but we have a disadvantage over him, understanding the middle class ascent.

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Came out to another friend Today

who i shall refer to as Callum, i was trying to lead him somewhere private so i could tell him (hes easily be lead somewhere while talking) but i was caught out by him, and i said i was abit worried that my secret would get out (bleh, paranoia) and he jokingly went while stroking his imaginary beard, "secrat, i wonda what that cay bay?" and i ask if he could actually keep a secret, he said he's a "man ov his werd" so i whispered in his ear im bi (school halls were so crowded).

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been a while but poem, We Are Denser

i did my best to care
when their call down the lines
up top to my zone
i was brought, but i was kind

sometimes i get scared when i see a open window
i close my eyes
clear my heart
cut the lines

but first i gotta ask
am i normal or am i denser?
i need to know, my feet are getting cold
and im begging you for the answer
im i denser? or something else?

now im gone to pay my respects to my virtue and morals
send my thanks to good and right
give my regards to my soul and care, they always did the best they could

im saying goodbye to devotion

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you know what im going to kill her one day and if she keeps doing what shes doing it'll be tomorrow.

i came from from school to what? a fucking rant about me! she called me unhealthy FUCKING LEARN WHAT HEALTHY MEANS, its so hypocritical shes a fat fucking bitch who does nothing but smoke and drink fuck you bitch fuck you!

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coming out ideasideas

since some of my friends know im bi im going to continue to tell my closest and most trust worthy and if i know they'll take it well of them.

when i move out of Ol' Haddy most likley to Naeh' Kirki (ha i find it oddly funny that in scotland we give villages/towns/citys names Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness etc. but never call them that Ol' Glasgay, Ol' Reekie, Ol' Inie etc.) im just going to open about it.

to all the people in school im gonna be B.U.G, easy enough considering the fact ill never see them after i move out.

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