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im a worthless coward and a pathetic being

title says it all im a worthless coward without a future or any prospects i can't stand up for myself, ive sunk even lower, i can't tell my mum to fuck off, i can't stand life at all & lastly can't come out to anyone at all.

you know i actually hear voices in my head they tell me to do such horrible things i can resist them for now but they've killed off all the good voices

you know i don't know what love feels like at all even so called "parents" love, care either no one genuinely cares for me

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ive calmed down a bit

ive calmed down a bit for now im not AS suicidal as i was but fuck it the holidays almost over and i have to go back to mum's house on sunday and fucking school again on monday

god i hate my life

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i hate it so much i just want it to end right now!

my mum does nothing but drink and smoke and she is the most abusive person ive ever fucking met.
her boyfriend is a twat that all he does is be the fucking boss and treat me like shit.
My dads never there when i need him to be for me.
ive got no friends.
and i get treated like fucking shit by everyone else in my miserable exsistence.

why can't i just die!

if you could tell your youngerself 3 words that are not related to sexuality what would they be?

I know (comment)
67% (4 votes)
Don't know
33% (2 votes)
Total votes: 6
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Help, Please

Well can somebody help me, i need some advice on coming out to my friends can somebody please help?

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Hello everyone i heard of Oasis through my cousin Rainbow who is currently one of the other people who know, others being AJ, Jenna, Matt and Tord im too afraid of coming out to any one else so hello.

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