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Spring break

I've been lost since my last journal, many things happened:
School cup was awesome the next day because more hot guys came and I wanted one of them so badly!
On friday, I had techer parents conference and my mom wanted to kill me bevause I failed geometry (plus that I wanted to kill myself and cut *I had been cutting since febuary, but stopped+). Went to a party that was awesome and almost kissed Andy when I was going, but my dad called my and my brain told me to stop.
On Saturday I started a 10 hour trip to Coveñas.
Sunday: arrived to Coveñas

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Hot guys all over my school and one of them looked like the one from my first post

So today in school there was a sports cup and didn't do anything all day except for painting a wall in the arts classroom, watch hot guys from other schools (there was a lot of hot guys!) played some ask question game with some friends and the questions were like this:
Q:"would you put tits for oral sex or make your ass bigger for anal?"
A: "ass, because I don't have any and I can't imagine myself with tits!"
Q: "who from our class would you fuck and why? And it's only guys!"

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Great day!

Today was a great day:

1. Had math exam and it had wrong answers.
2. Yesterday was the men's day in Colombia and today TW girls from my clad gave every guy a chocolate with some piropo (don't know how to traduce) and mine said: "you're like Colombian coffee; delicious until the last drop!", and gave us pizza! :)
3. Asked Andy if he liked some friend and he answered no.
4. Made a lot of eye contact with Andy, got kinda touchy with him and he didn't moved.
5. Winter might start. I need to see what will happen in the next 3 days!

That's all! I hope everyone have a great day! :D

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I've been really lost since my last journal and it's because my dad took away the Internet in all the house. This week I started to flirt with Andy, but he kinda looks like if he got a crush on some friend, Realized that Nico got a crush on some friend (the one I think Andy got a crush on!). Final exams started and I'm going to the beach with some friends on spring break and that's all!

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WTF Nico?! You talk to me like if nothing had happened and then you get lost without telling me why! I know something: GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A CACTUS! IMAGINE A FOREST AND GET LOST! :@
I already moved on, don't make it hard!

Nico is talking again after being lost a since Wednesday.
Andrew got more antisocial after the 2 period and looked sad. :(
Went to my Neuropsycologyst on Friday and I asked her why that question about finding myself, got an awnser and told me that Nico don't have criteria.
Got a narcissism with my stomach!

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WTF did my neuropsicologyst said?

It was on Friday when I had to post this.

On Friday I had to go to my Neuropsycologyst and she told me: " guys go out with girls because they are searching their femenine side! Aren't you searching for you?" O.o
That was awkward! And I got a little bit offended.

Nico was trying to talk to me, but I'm still pissed about he said to my friend on last week. And if he wanted to punch me why he didn't do it?! And I spent all day with Andrew and found him staring at me again! :D

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Bipolar day :):

Today I realized that Nico is straight, he told some friend "Daniel is cacorro! In the integration he was always trying to touch me! I wanted to pounch him!" then I kinda broke when I heard that, then I got the results for a maths and science midterm I both won them, then I started to cry in a class and started laughing at the same time! :D:
Got the rest of the school time being bipolar, spent all day with other friend having the same day and being next to Andrew! :)
I'm having Friday free :D

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If Nico haven't noticed that I'm gay, he is stupid!

Today I didn't had class, and went to some friend farm to do a group integration.
Andy didn't came :(
And with Nico happened the following thing on the bus:

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One more reason to not come out to my mother!

Yesterday I some family from the US came to my house and he was saying that he payed private school to his kids because he didn't liked public schools and then he said that now the schools are teaching what the LGTB community has done to the country. My mom had a disgusted face and said "how can they be teaching that to kids? At least here homosexual people still closeted! Not like in Argentina or the U.S.!

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I wonder...

If I had talked and at least get his email or something with the argentine in the train station, if I had told Nico one day about my crush on him, If I had drown when I was little, if I had killed myself, if I wasn't born, if I had gone to live in Canada, if my country wasn't homophobic, if I hadn't changed school. Many things are going through my head right now! :):


Today was kinda crappy!
Really cold morning! I had to use an inca hat.
6 laughed about my hat and I almost killed them if there wasn't a teacher there! :@
Nico missed school.

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Happy Valentines day! <3

In Colombia I dont celebrate that until September
Anarchist, I know how you're feeling, with Nico things are quite similar, but it's getting better.

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Parties always starts good, but someone have to get drunk!

Today school was the same boring crap, Nico best friend again started mocking me, but it's not like the other times because now he is saying that he has a crush on me! And in PE he started saying: "Daniel, papi ricooo!" and I ignored him until he threated me with a sharpie (weird!) and he was going to attack me when I threw a kick, stopped and realized that I almost blew his balls to the throat! Then he ran over me and pushed me so I pushed him, it was so hard that he fell and he got up again and some friend run over him! It was hilarious! :D

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I remembered why we stopped talking.

It was the first day of exams, I was having a bad week, undecised weather, the bell had rang, I had English when some friend told me "Dani, Nico is thinking that you're gay! (I'm still closeted) he asked me: Do you know if Dani is cacorro ( very offensive word, worse than fag! ) because he is always trying to touch my hands!?" in that moment my heart broke more than it was already!

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Things wont be the same!

Right now things are getting a little bit better, but things are not the same!.

With Nico I'm starting to talk again with him, but it's not as it was last year. Handshakes got really normal, not like we used to stay touching hands now he just say hi, sometimes a handshake but he gets his hand out quickly. Eye contact now it's forgotten! Things are not the same! I HATE THIS!

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Great days begin with great music!

Today was a great day.
I woke up with "Forever and always" from Taylor Swift (I love waking up with her songs).
Math class was awesome with the new teacher.
In English class some friends were talking about a trip to Amazonas and told me that I had to go!
In social studies the teacher was a total BITCH to my grade.
In science the teacher told us about Amazonas and gave us the details and last year prize (I might go there! :D).

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