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I just want to move far away!

I want to move to some random country: where being gay don't affect you, where having a different religion and not doing what a priest say makes my friends call me atheist or "You'll burn in hell!" I was born in the wrong country. I wish my dad had moved to Canada and that my mom had stand the winters.

Today Nico didnt came: he got sick, Got new math teacher, again Andy staring at me, went to some English class where I got really touchy with some classmate and again I'm having suicide thoughts! :(

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Dreams why you always change my mind?

Yesterday I hanged out with some friends and in the car we weren't able to fit so I had to sit on my friend bf (it's really awkward since one day I had to do the same and he got a boner!) then when we arrived we saw "We Bought A Zoo" and my friend bf (he is really hot) putted his arm over my shoulder, but he was making jealous his gf because she was doing the same with her best friend almost sister.

When I got home, I was extremely tired and went to sleep.

*the dream*

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What a mess of day!

1. My school has been changing the letter and schedule of my class.
2. The new math teacher quit his job for some personal reason
3. I had cancealed my appointment with the neuropsychologist
4. Went to Medellín for nothing
5. Nico is getting really weird: we used to talk every day, make eye contact a lot, have unnecessary touches, but since the last 2 days of school last year, we started separating and stopped talking. Every day is worse!! Idk what to do with him.

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Many bad things may happen in a week, but one day can change everything!

Today was such a great day!

New Spanish/group director teacher.
Didn't talked to my class in school (Today I hated them) except for some friend
I didn't talked to Nico in the entire day which helped me to focus in other things
Andrew came back to school, although he still have to do some exams. He caught me many times staring at him, but I looked away really fast and I caught him doing the same thing :D
Some friend fell in my leg and a rope almost kill my best friend :S

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You flirt with me, you flirt with her. WTF!

Today I found Nico flirting again with a friend that I used to flirt with to make Nico jealous (he is taking revange) and I got a little jealous and mad. Had a party for my group director and it was awesome. In the last period the teacher decided to take us out and Nico suddenly putted his arm with my arm many times, then I had my hands near my pocket and he got really close and putted his ass in my hand many times! It made my day! <3

Andrew. I didn't saw him :(. And the super hot guy was with the jerks of the grade, and I hate them!

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Why is he always pulling me away?

Today at school I didn't saw Andrew or any of the new kids (maybe school is checking their exams). Got the new math/physics/group director teacher. Nico still trie to hold my hand after we shake hands and in the last period I found the right opportunity to touch Nicos arm and hand so I did it, when his best friend put his arm trying to dived us and then he did it completely. When they moved his best friend sat on his lap (weird) and stayed very close for a long time. Then I realized that:

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Good things and Bad things happen

Today on school it was one of those days that start bad, but ends really good.
In the morning the teacher of my group told us that she quit her job, because she got a new job near her house (she lives in Medellin and my school is in Rionegro) then the Andrew (the new kid) came —he was late— and he looked really cute with a huge smile and he said hi for the first time, but he came in the worst moment! Then someone took him to make some exams :(. (I didn't saw him until the last hour of school)

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First days of school are always boring

Today school was the same as yesterday, but Nico
(my crush) started saying "I'm only gay when I'm on the mirror" and "I'd love to have a black guy". —in a sexual way—

The new guy was taking exams all day :( so I couldnt see him, but when he showed up, he looked so cute and sexy, but he rearly talks and smiles. When he smiles he looks super cute!! <3

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Back to school

Yesterday I came from some trip to San Andres and I was texting with some friend when she tells me that I have school tomorrow and my mom thought that I was going to enter on Jan 23. When I came home, it was a mess because I had to unpack my suitcase, pack my school bag, search for something to write on (first day of school I don't do anything) and search for some uniform.

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Christmas sucked

Well my mom took me to Cali and I got depressed on Dic. 22 and thought a LOT of killing myself, but I cant kill myself in my grandma's house.

Today it was suposed that I was going to my grandpa's farm and leave my dad in the airport, but my sister got sick and my mom decided to stay home and go to a stupid mall to watch clothes while I stayed (i dont know if its written like that) home, bored, watching tv. Then I got more depressed and thats all.

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I'm back home!!! :D

Well yesterday nothing important happened. But today I got my flight to Colombia (now I'm home!!! :D). In Argentina the airport in the part of Avianca there was a huge line full of students and random people. In the plane I got sick and the airport El Dorado got closed for 40 min. then in the immigration lines someone got us a spot in the begening of the line and saved us 1 hour. In the airport Jose Maria Cordoba half of the luggage went to another room and we didn't know so we wasted at least another 30 min. then I got home and there was no food in the fridge!!!! And I was starving!!!

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It wasn't my day but some random guy changed all

This is my first post and I don't talk English perfectly cuz I still learning it and I might put some words in Spanish!

So for holly days my parents took me to Argentina for a week and today is my last day. My week was a huge problem because I got my emotions and self-esteem without control so I was hyper and happy and then some stupid word putted me down. Yesterday my emotions were down and yesterday I was going to have a dinner in some of my parents friends house and the house was really far because I'm in capital and they are on another province so my mom decided to take the train.

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