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MJoy, Inc.

I just wrote, costumed, casted, filmed, and edited a movie in 72 hours. And that's over the course of three school nights.
Why, you might ask? I'll tell you why. Because my Mythological Figures composition presentation is going to be the standard by which all Mythological Figures composition presentation Mythological Figures composition presentations are graded. It is going to be the presentation that Mr. fucking Richards is going to talk about for the rest of his life. And it is going to get an indisputable A.

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Ummm....first date, maybe????

So I'm going to eat lunch w/ Lina. We've been talking a bunch on FB but I'm not really sure if she *likes* me or thinks I seem like a good friend...It would be helpful if I knew she was gay.
I'm dressing up anyway :)
I just got back from shopping in Portland.I got 3 new dresses: A floor-lengh Grecian-style dress w/ blue flowers on it; A shorter green dress w/ white embroidery at the hem; and a short black tunic w/ little white hearts on it. My new green blouse and vintage blue shoes arrived too.
Can you tell I like clothes? :) I think I'll wear the green dress to lunch tomorrow.

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here I go again

let's get it over with fast, there'll be a lot of these in the coming months I suspect.
Female. Blonde, delicate, pretty, brown eyes, came from California, find reasons to talk to me. Goes by the name of Lina.
I've offered to tutor her in Composition and she thinks I'm smart. I'm also helping her get a volunteer position this summer.
Next one.
Male. Blonde, lithe (no other word, really), quiet, I find reasons to talk to him. Named Sam.

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weird dreams

I had yet another dream about being pregnant last night. I've been having them for a while and they've gotten more and more real every time. The first one was a month or so ago and very surreal, I was in my house and super pregnant, but it turned out that you can take out a baby and put it in the washer, and thus take a break from the pregnancy. I did but I forgot to put the babies back inside me and there ended up being a bunch of babies and tiny body parts poring out of my dryer, and I was hysterical, screaming for my mom to help me. It was terrifying.

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Oh dear

It seems that I've got a hopeless crush, but I always was one big cliche. Her name is Annika and she's funny and pretty and she's super talented--she can sing so beautifully and she's an amazing actress...sigh.
In other news, I'm getting over a bad cold and I have to go to physical therapy now. Apparently I'm too thin so I don't have enough muscle to support my scoliosis-ridden back. Thank god for insurance, right? I'm hoping I can replace it with ballroom dancing classes soon.
Is anyone else watching The Neighbors? It's hilarious!

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Last weekend I auditioned for early consideration for the Young Actors' Institute, one of the best acting programs in the state. It is super intensive and very exclusive--they only let in 25 people at most, and I am the absolute youngest end of the age range (21 being the oldest). I auditioned against 16 other people for early placement.
I'd been waiting ever since to find out if I was accepted, but no one called my contacts and I flubbed my monologue the second time I performed it.

Is it OK to come out in a FaceBook post?

No way! That's just lazy.
0% (0 votes)
No. Coming out should be more personal.
18% (2 votes)
36% (4 votes)
Sure, that's an easy way to come out to everyone you want to at once.
27% (3 votes)
Yes! Take advantage of social media. This is a great modern way of coming out.
18% (2 votes)
Total votes: 11
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Now it's Istanbul, now Constantinople...

God I'm bored. And frustrated. I seem to have shifted back to being bi & the boy I thought I liked got asked out by a somewhat-friend of mine. Damn! Oh well, it's not like TOLO is really my thing. I'd prefer to have someone else go out on a limb and risk rejection by me than the other way around. But he was really cute and now I'm sad.
Also, the key club's DataMatch results came in & mine are pretty dismal. Out of the 30 results, the people I knew that I was matched with:
1. A teacher (eew!)
2. A girl I'm completely terrified of
3. A gay boy

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Comic Con!! Weeee!

I can't wait to meet Sculley, Princess Lea, Chekov, Prince Humperdink, Captain Picard, Wesley Crusher, and Lando Calrissian! That's right, Comic Con is coming to town!
this year I even have money, so I can get more than one signature, & I'm going (hopefully) w/ my best friend Dagny. Also did I mention Sculley, princess Lea, chekov, Prince Humperdink (PRINCE HUMPERDINK), Captain Picard, Wesley Crusher, and Lando Calrissian??? EEEEEK!!!!!!!!
I LOVE the Emerald City! Our Comic Con rocks! I'm super hyper! Can you tell?!

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You see this? It's fifty dollars. And it's yours if you'll be my friend. Not indefinitely, just for one night. Next year I'm turning sixteen and I need you to come to my party and tell me how pretty I look. I need you to go to the back of your mind and dredge up some happy memory that I was somehow involved in and tell it to everyone. Tell me how you love me SO MUCH, and you're so proud of how far I've come since we first met. Say I'm one of your best friends. Smile. Hug me. Get a little misty-eyed, then give me a generic giftcard and promise we'll go sweater-shopping together.

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Oops! Happy belated anniversary to me!

Turns out I've been on Oasis for 1 year & 1 week. That's 1 year & 2 weeks that I've known that I'm queer. It's weird, it feels like it wasn't that long ago. That also means I'm overdo for a doctor's appointment...oh well.

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The Hills are Alive...with the Sound of Aslan!

Theatre update:
*The Sound of Music, a 3-hour extravaganza, will be performing in a week. I'm playing "bitchy nun" Heidi, who sings about wimples
*Only 10 days till my next show, Narnia: The Musical, starts. Not only will I be acting in it, I have also been named co-designer on the Makeup team. I presented my designs to the director and he said they were great! Also, apparently my audition songs was "the best I'd ever sung," so I'm a shoe-in for the White Witch!

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hello again

So since I've changed a lot since I first came here I thought I'd reintroduce myself, both to you and me.
My name is Maddie (or Maddie Joy, whatever). I'm fifteen and I live in Washington, where it's very green and the seasons don't really mean anything.
After about a year of thinking about it I've finally figured out that I'm a lesbian. I think it took me so long because I had all those stereotypes in my head--the sporty, muscly, short-haired girl who wears a tie and pants, and I don't fit any of those. I'm tiny (petite, really), bookish, and I only wear skirts.

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I've been found out

Aparently my cousin Jack (who I mistook for a mute) is quite the perceptive guy. So perceptive, in fact, that with only a few well-placed inquiries into my father's involvement with the Boy Scouts, he was able to figure out that I'm gay. I'm not sure exactly what he said, since Dad was a tad intoxicated at the time, but apparently something tipped him off.
Also, my admiration for Portia de Rossi may have alerted my cousins Isaac and Mira...
Anyway, it seems that my cover is pretty much blown. Now I'll just have to sit back and watch what happens.

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Greetings from Pangaea

Oh, my god oh my god oh my GOD! I am totally addicted to Civ V. I've set Alexander the Great vs Queen Elizabeth vs Napoleon vs Rameses II vs Darius vs Ghandi, and it was awesome. Now I'm playing as Elizabeth I vs Catherine the Great vs all these other people & it's SO COOL!
so yeah. Happy solstice, folks.

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