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I did write a journal about today, but my laptop unplugged and turned off right before I was done. Fuck everything. I'll try to write the entire day again. Fuckfuckfuck.

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A bunch of stuff.

Not really. There are two main things I would like to address.
I played Skyrim this weekend after about a month or so of not playing it. I'm really starting to understand it a lot more now. I actually love it now. Yes, you read that right: I love something that isn't music, language, award shows, Brad, or Conan O'Brien! And it's great at distracting me from my real problems *cough*Brad*cough*. I'm still not far into it at all, though. I somehow accidentally walked this path, but didn't notice because of the awesomeness that Bethesda Games produces:

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My album's on iTunes:
I've already started another song, musique concrète. A lot of experimenting with different sounds that I record. Hopefully, I will get a portable recorder for my birthday or something. I'd be able to do so much more with one of those.

To the point: Brad is so fucking adorable! How the fuck does he possibly look perfect every day? I FUCKING DO FUCKING NOT FUCKING UNDERSTAND..... fucking. MY MIND IS FULL OF FUCK!!! I DON'T KNOW HOW THAT IS EVEN POSSIBLE! HE LITERALLY LOOKS PERFECT!

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Holy goddamn, motherfucking, cocksucking, ass-leaking, cunt-eating shit!

This journal is more pointless then that sentence was foul! (Dendrophilian reference)
I just decided to post something because I haven't done so in a while and also for promotion. Here is the promotion part:
I just made my first full album yesterday. Four 15-minute songs. It should be up on iTunes pretty soon. Here it is:

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Follow me into the light.

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I fucking hate myself.

Well, the day started great. Brad decided to completely change from yesterday. I sat in an empty desk behind him this morning and he just got mad and told me to leave because his friend was going to sit there. Later, he just payed a lot more attention to his friend than to me, so I just avoided him for the rest of the day. I was in a horrible mood until my friends cheered me up at lunch.

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Like Mogul said, a good day can really turn a shitty mood around.

Haha! This guy's awesome. My friend posted this video on her Facebook wall:

In other news:

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Don't you hate it when...

...people obsess over a specific country for no reason when they haven't even been there? I'm sure there is a lot of shitty stuff there that media doesn't tell you.

...people complain about how shitty their lives are? It could get a lot worse. You could be in Somalia or India or, even worse, you could be a gay in Iran or Uganda.

...people are ethnocentric and think that everyone outside of their own country is a stupid barbarian? That's the most stupid and barbaric thing you could do.

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A Concise Essay Roughly Explaining My Philosophy

This journal contains little personal information, only scholarly stuff that I am interested in. This is the only exception:

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Wow! It's late!

I just wanted to let the Oasies know that I just spent hours composing a classical piano solo that (in my own modest opinion) is the best thing anyone has ever produced in their life:

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Ow. Heteronormativity hurts.

I was working in a group with Brad today and this girl who always talks with him touched his hair and commented on how soft it is, then told me that only girls are allowed to do that. Later, while we were talking about hair, I mentioned a friend who has very soft hair and some other guy who has very sexy hair. She and Brad told me not to say that stuff about guys.

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Journal Entry

I'm overdue for one. What to write about? Well, there's:

Where is Chad? He hasn't posted anything in a while. I miss him; his journal entries were my favorites along with Mogul's.

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