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Untitled Journal Entry #2

Sometimes I think, "hey, maybe I'd like to have a family when I'm old; I hear great things about them." Then I remember that families include other people who I have to actually care about, and that's something I want to get away from, since I have so much of that right now. Nope. I want to die alone. Maybe with a romantic partner or something. Not planning on marriage, either, so that isn't a definite. (And I'm planning on killing myself before I get old. I don't want to die of natural causes, so I'm planning on one day going skydiving and not pulling the parachute.)

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Fuck, this music is good.

I've been working along the /mu/ essential dark ambient list:

Here's the full size:

1E, Deep_Frieze by SleepResearch_Facility, is one of the deepest collections of music I have heard in my life. I highly recommend you all engage in this journey as I have begun to. It is going to be a very interesting one for me.

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This is actually what I do with my time.

I spent hours very thoroughly scrutinizing the lyrics to this Animal Collective song:

And this what I accomplished today:

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I think I'm a hipster.

Well, first of all I'll start off by saying that I ordered Burzum's Umskiptar limited edition vinyl. I feel good knowing I gave $40 to a murderer/church arsonist. (And yes, the money is going to him, not the label, because he owns the label it was released under.) It's a very interesting recitation of the Old Norse poem, Völuspá. The beginning and end are very ambient and atmospheric, perfectly setting the dramatic mood of creation (in the introduction) and destruction (in the last two songs, about Ragnarök).

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Amendment to Tennessee's "Classroom Protection Act"

Here's the link to the bill:

Here's an article that takes out all of the Republican sugarcoating:

Enjoy. :)

Fortunately, I already made a video of my response to this, so I don't have to write as much here.

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Untitled Journal Entry #1

I was originally going to post this as a reply to Radiosilence's journal, but there was so much to write about myself that I decided to just post it as its own journal to avoid cluttering her comment area, and to write the more relevant stuff as the reply. So here is "Untitled Journal Entry #1":

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Hey, look what I found.

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I'm lonely.

I want real friends. People I can actually talk to. Not the shitty pseudo-friends who I talk to at school because I'm too antisocial to talk to anyone else. Why do I just now feel this way? I never get lonely.

And look at this:

It's things like this that make me feel even lonelier, even when I'm perfectly happy. I hate this.

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I love that song.

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I was even more bored.

I've found twelve new musicians in the past week. I've been searching like crazy, at least relative to how much I usually do. So now I have the addition of The Odious, Cattle Decapitation, Car Bomb, Spliff Witchard, Bispora, Tribulation, Lucaria, Coprocephalic, Cocaine Breath, Dissection, Burzum, and Suboken in my library. I'm a hipster.

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I'm bored so I wrote this journal.

I've been listening almost exclusively to death metal lately. As a result, I've switched from hanging out on Soundcloud to hanging out on Bandcamp. In related news, I think my hair's long enough to headbang. I'd like to have it at least to my shoulders, though. I must be patient.

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Update on hair

I've updated my profile picture on this web site. (Disregard how weird and serious I look; the full-size version looked much better.) And in case you haven't noticed, I am growing my hair out. And yes, it is mostly so I can headbang. But it also looks cooler. Unfortunately I don't have time to straighten it, so it's really messy at school (until I comb it when I get home), but I don't care.

My father thinks I'm going to let him take me to get it cut. Ha! What a naïve idea.

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I will celebrate my own way.

In the spirit of staying up late on New Year's Eve, I will stay up until seven AM tonight. I woke up late today, so it shouldn't be very difficult. I've stayed up later plenty of times.

And my New Year's resolution shall be to continue being awesome.

Also, I've been pretty bored lately. If anyone has any ideas for entertainment that they use, please let me know. Or link me to any online entertainment, like free video games or something.

In exchange, I give all you good people a very, very good song:

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I am in an unbelievably good mood.

I'm experiencing another one of those instances during which I have many different perspectives on the world. It always makes me happy beyond comprehension. Everything is good and that's all it will ever be, regardless of what happens.

In other news, I finished a collection of four ambient musical creations.

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I'm having fun.

I got a new Mac Mini for Christmas and I'm having fun finding my way around the new operating system. It's a lot better than Windows 8, which is the worst PC operating system ever devised. I don't know how I'm going to transfer my music from the old laptop (which thankfully started working again, so I have all my files back). But this is none of your concern.

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