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Yo, yo, yo!

This is early, but merry Christmas from rapper Santa.

And here is the song I promised last year to post every Christmas:

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The end!

Anyway, I have a new favorite musician at the moment. His name is Mike Pardinas, also cleverly known as µ-Ziq. Just listen to this musical masterpiece:

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50 Songs to Listen to Before You Die

50. Free the Robots – Mental Universe
49. Depotax – Elastik (feat. Himself)
48. Bob Marley – Three Little Birds
47. Rush – Fly By Night
46. erb N dub – Lucifer
45. El-B – Bubble feat. Rumpus
44. Blackleg – Sensors
43. Tes La Rok – Hot Jam
42. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Serenade No. 12 in C minor, K.388: I Allegro
41. Claude Debussy – Claire de Lune
40. Merzbow – Munchen
39. Death Grips – Beware
38. The Ink Spots – When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano
37. King Tubby – Jah Jah Dub
36. The Clash – Bankrobber
35. Dream Theater – Regression

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Today has been awesome.

I've been testing out my new power amp with the sickest songs playing through the whole house. A great day to end a shitty week.

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I'll just post this here.

My story so far, for anyone who want to read:

I haven't thought of how to tie it into the rising action yet, so when I do that I'll update this.

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Guess what I've been doing.

Reading Life of Pi.
Guess how good it is.
I don't know yet because I've only had it for about a day, and I'm only on page 50-something.

It is written very well, though, and it's very entertaining to read so far. Once I start, it's hard to even look away from the book, so I guess that's a good sign about it.

I've also been writing another rabbit story, but you probably know about that if you've read the comments for elph's journal entry from a few days ago.

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My life is not going well at the moment.

My computer broke a few days ago, and all the music projects I was working on disappeared with it and are gone forever, unless I somehow find a way to fix it (which seems unlikely, since it won't even turn on).
I wasn't that bothered, because I had backed up all my sample packs and the older projects, the latter of which was put in a flash drive. That flash drive was just broken by my puppy. So everything I cared about is gone, pretty much. I have spent months working on one project, which is now completely gone. So I'm using this web site to cry about it.

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I just have to share this.

I can't get enough of this track:

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Maybe I would enjoy an eternal lonely night, away from all the others.

I used to be social; I loved talking to people, I wanted to know everybody, and I really wanted to be able to experience other people's lives; I thought living from someone else's perspective and actually experience how they do things would be the most enlightening experience ever (an idea which obviously changed when I thought more about solipsism). But now I'm sort of antisocial, and pretty much only voluntarily communicate with strangers online (preferably at night). I do talk to people at school, but only because I'd be bored to death if I didn't, with the school's music player policy.

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I am bored as fuck.

I have absolutely nothing to do. The Internet is so slow. 4chan got old after a few hours and I saw that there were no really good threads. Now I'm just listening to Merzbow hoping for something to read online. Please, if you have any suggestions for entertainment, post them here.

In other news, I'm getting back into Merzbow. I always look at in my French class, and that drew me back to him (because Merzbow has released more albums than any other musician in history).

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Sorry for the short journal.

I just had a little internal laugh at how effeminate I was as a child. I've changed quite a lot. Now I'm just a brony geek, not at all masculine and not at all feminine.

I also got my report card. My GPA for the marking period is a solid 2.0. (Don't worry, cumulative is still a 3.)

In other news:

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Stream of consciousness #2

My cat's sitting next to me on my chair while I'm typing this. He's great.

Anyway, stream of consciousness.

I love experiencing entirely new environments, and being in new states of thought. It's so much more fun when I experience a familiar environment in a completely different way. There is nothing more interesting, in my opinion!

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November 1, 2012

A few people walked right past my house while I was sitting on the porch handing out candy. So I had to resist saying "Fuck you then, more candy for me." That was a fun Halloween. . . .

I burned a playlist of Halloweenish songs on CD and played it on a boombox for the trick-or-treaters. That was something to do with all this boring time I have lately. (For anyone curious, here was the track listing:

Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Hard Intro Mix) by deadmau5
Ghosts 'n' Stuff (the version without Bob Saget at the end) also by deadmau5
Friendly Ghost by Eels
Halloween Mask by Electric Owls

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Sedentary lifestyle (short journal time)

This is just a quick update, since I have to do my homework.

I just went on a walk with my mother, and we made an agreement that, since my current diet is so terrible, and since she's the healthiest human being I know, she will select what I eat based on her own standards now. So this is exciting.

Unfortunately, she said I'll have to be the one to convince my father to take me to the gym again to exercise. If not, I'll see if I can ride my bike or something, like she always does.

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I went to a yardsale today.

It was a pretty shitty yardsale, not much reason to be there longer than a few seconds to see that all they had was absolute garbage. But the thing is it was at a church. And I saw an Obama bumper sticker. That really restored some hope for humanity, that someone going to a church event prefers the slightly more liberal candidate.

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