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Accepting Homosexuality

What importance does the subject of homosexuality have at all? I assumed to live in an environment which is predominantly respecting the different sexual orientations. Why? I don’t really know. I never actually got to know any openly homosexual person. And I suppose there actually were some; it is at least statistically logical. However although I sometimes heard insults about different boys as “gays” I always thought these were exceptions and I am not really convinced that they’re not, at least in my home village.

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Straight girls holding hands, kissing and all that...

So what do you guys think about the straight girls of today holding hands, hugging each other, kissing each other?
I have to say I would find it kind of weird to do that. Maybe it’s like that because I am really really inexperienced. I never had any kind of romantic, not to mention sexual relationship. And I choose my friends very carefully, so that at the end there are always the same good old faithful (female) buddies. But even with them I never got that close, neither intellectually nor physically, that I could maybe be surer about my sexual orientation.

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A teacher, a woman, a friend or even more?

At the moment there are two questions that just don’t leave me in peace:

1. Am I attracted to my teacher?
2. Am I attracted to a woman?

It looks weird enough to see it written down, in cold print and everything, but it feels even worse. It explains part of my confusion going on in my mind right now.

Let’s review why I might conclude that I could possibly be attracted to my teacher.
It’s my music teacher that I’m talking about.

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