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How Can We Save Oasis?

I'm kinda sad writing this right now because since this site is scheduled to close down a year sooner now I feel that I have to try to do SOMETHING to help out.

It's tougher for me to come on here now with my heavier school work load (TWO English classes-one regular and one elective) and still doing physical therapy on my injured foot to balance out the strength between each leg. It wears me out, especially after a long day in school.

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On This Day I Am Very Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven't been on here in months, but I decided that today was a good day to return.

On the day before people around our country go off the deep end with Black Friday sales specials-I- and the rest of my family-are thankful to just be alive. We are almost completely recovered from our injuries from the car accident earlier this summer, but now I'm almost two inches shorter from my spine compressing for some reason, and I still have a slight limp in the foot that was shattered, but I can walk. The pain's gone too, along with the need for painkillers.

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Summer Of Suck

I wish I could come up with a more positive title, but sadly it fits : (

I haven't been on here since Easter, not out of laziness or lack of desire to write on here but just too many things going on at the same time. I was integrated out of Special Ed classes and it was a tough adjustment, but my friends at school helped me out and iMadeithappen! Haha I've been saving that one for a good time to use it.

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Happy Birthday America!!!!

Title says it all...hope everyone's had a great 4th of July!


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Me, One Year Later

Happy Easter, for those who celebrate this day!

Today is a special day for me, no only because it's Easter Sunday, but it's also my one year anniversary of writing my first journal on here. So much has changed in the last year that it's hard for me to believe at times.

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I had my thirteenth birthday last week, but now that I'm "officially" a teenager I don't feel any different. Except that I'm no longer able to call myself a 'tween, and I'm thankful that's over! In some cultures I'd be considered a man now but I don't belong to one of those cultures : (

My Dads threw a really cool birthday party for me, but it was a bittersweet occasion for me. It will be the last time that my best friend Austin and I will get to be together for what may be a long time, and it was hard for me to hold my emotions back so I didn't.

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Okay, here I am again! I've been really busy with school, and spending time with Matthew and Sarah, which is really what this journal is all about.

Before I met Sarah, girls and especially doing anything with one never really crossed my mind. My heart was entirely with Matthew and ravaging his body in every imaginable way hehe.

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A Sad News Story

My uncle in Ohio told me about this story, and after some deep thinking I decided to share it with you all. Fourteen-year-old Teddy Foltz was allegedly raped then beaten to death by his stepfather. Here's a few links:

Rest In Peace Teddy

Sam :-((.....

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Today after school my Dad's went out to dinner and a movie for what we call WEdnesday Fun Night, it's the one day of the week they can just be together without dealing with me.

I texted Sarah and when I told I had the place to myself she asked if she could come over? Not a big deal really, but after what happened at the dance...well I wasn't sure what would happen?

She came over, and asked if we could use the hottub, something we've done a bunch of times...but this time she pulled out her bikini from her backpack and asked me if we wanted to change together.

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Dancing Under The Stars

Last night we finally had our Sadie Hawkins dance at my school, rescheduled after the tragedy in Newtown, CT. Originally they were going to cancel it but it was turned into a dance/fundraiser for our local food bank. I feel really good about my school doing that.

We used my place as a gathering point, and Sarah and Emily came with their Moms...and they were just so pretty. Sarah wore a blue dress and Emily was in a black one, which is kind of funny being neither one of them ever wear dresses. Lots of pictures were taken and both Matthew and I slipped in kisses when we could.

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Visiting Newtown...And Returning With The Flu

Right after Christmas I went with my other Dad to visit his brother Steve and his twin sons Connor and Colin in Hartford, Connecticut. Joining us was my companion dog, showing of her new "Please Pet Me" vest inspired by the folks who took their healing dogs to Newtown.

Uncle Steve and my other Dad are really close, and they're always e-mailing and texting each other but this was their first time being together in almost 10 years. It was cool seeing them just hugging and being happy to be in the same room again.

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We Will Never Forget Them

I will never forget December 14th, 2012. I was in math class when my teacher turned on CNN and we watched the news of the Newtown shootings live. Soon we saw pictures of the faces of those lost, and the pain started. Many of my classmates were in tears that day, myself included.

At home my Dads, my Mom and Grandma hugged me tight, and later my boyfriend and I embraced, tears filling our eyes, speechless about what had happened.

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It Started With A Kiss, And That Kiss Started Things

Last Thursday (I know this is late!) before school started Sarah came up to be and asked me if I'd be her date at the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance and I said yes...

And she kissed me on the lips in front of everybody!

Hawtdamn! I didn't expect that!

About the same time that morning Emily went up to my boyfriend Matthew and asked the same question, instead of giving him a gentle kiss when he said yes she slammed him against a locker and gave him a long hard kiss!

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Blame It On Sadie Hawkins

My school is having a Sadie Hawkins dance right before we go on winter break, and I can't say I'm excited about it because it's girls inviting a boy they like to it. Now if it was a Sam dance you could ONLY invite a member of the same gender...that's not going to happen.

I was in my last period today and I got a text attached to a picture of a girl in my grade, Sarah, asking me if I could meet her at the park right by where I live after school? I texted back yes and didn't hear anymore from her.

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Being Thankful

The last few weeks have been hard for me, dealing with the loss of my Grandpa and just trying to cope with that. My family's been great, just being there for me me and putting up with my emotional wreckedness. I'm going to try to write on here more often and not worry so much about trying to write the perfect thing each time.

At Thanksgiving dinner we prayed together as a family and my Grandma thanked me for bringing her family together, and said my willingness to reach out and accept a total stranger was a brave thing to do.

I just did what I thought was the right thing to do.

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