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This Is Awesome!!!!!

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Life Without Grandpa

This past week has been the hardest I've ever faced and now I'm finally starting to get my act together so I can function. I didn't think life without my Grandpa would be this hard, but I also had nothing to compare it to except for my first companion dog dying.

Watching my Grandpa die was more traumatic for me than I could handle and I guess I'm not as mature as I'd like to think I am? I've been seeing a grief counselor and I think that's helping, but right now I'm still putting everything that happened together.

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Farewell Grandpa

Last night my Grandpa lost his battle with cancer, and I was alone with him when he went. It was pretty bad actually : (

My family and I want to thank all of you for your kinds words, prayers, and just being there for us. It's great to know that people still care about others.

And Grandpa...thank you for everything : )


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Reconnecting With A Familar Stranger, Part One

Mom got the keys to her new place on Monday morning, which was great timing because I was off school Monday and Tuesday because my school is a polling place for the election. It ended up being two really good days, and having President Obama re-elected made things even better. I just don't think Mitt Romney would have done anything positive for GLBT's.

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Sam...We Need To Talk

I'm right on time with my every other week journal entry, but I'm hoping to do better soon. Right now my life's a combination of weird and awesome with a extra helpin' of suck.

My Mom left New York City on one of the last flights to leave before Hurricane Sandy hit, and she arrived at our place late at night, way after I was sound asleep. Once I take my glasses off and turn out the lights I'm out cold.

I woke up the next morning to her turning on my nightstand light and pulling off my blankets to wake me up, and I guess it would have been great except for...

A) I sleep naked

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Wow, this is becoming a habit of me writing a journal on here every other week...I need to do something about this!

I've had lots of changes in my life lately, split evenly between good and bad. On the positive end of things my Mom is moving here in November, her studio apartment lease is up and she jumped on a job transfer that happened at just the right time for her. We got a big box of her stuff that she had shipped to us yesterday, sitting in our guest bedroom waiting for her arrival.

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When iLaugh iCope

In my last journal I wrote about being in a new school and starting over, and for once feeling safe at what my Dad always calls "my job". Now that I've been in school a few weeks I'm starting to open up to people, and actually smiling...

Okay...smiling? What's the big deal with smiling?

For me, especially the last few years, smiling was a rare thing. I was too scared all the time to laugh or smile, fear the invisible shadow that never left me alone.

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School Is No Longer A Synonym For Hell

I've written before about being home schooled and the reasons why, but this year my family decided that I should try going to a regular school again, but the school I go to now is far from regular.

I go to a tech based private school where individual learning is the emphasis along with diversity, two things seriously missing from my old private school. There it was all about helping the children of (illegal?) immigrants become better English interpreters for their parents and creating the future high school football and basketball teams. Does that sound mean? Maybe. Sadly it's the truth.

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Way Awesome Charley!!!!!!

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Missing Connections: My Life With Autism

The title of this journal just gave away my secret didn't it?

For a long time I've been debating with myself and my family and friends if I should ever write about this or not, and with everyone except my Mom encouraging me, I felt now was the right time.

I have Asperger's Syndrome, a type of autism.

And honestly, as hard as this may be to believe, I have no idea what that really means. No matter how many times it's been explained to me, I just don't understand it. I've been told that I'm "high functioning" which tells me I'm normal...or am I?

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When Technology Fails

Back in June I wrote about being without the Internet for a while while on vacation and how it gave me time to think...

For the past few days I've been without Internet service and TV because of a line problem where I live, and I again had the time to think about things, especially how much we depend on technology to exist.

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This Inspires Me!

I saw this commercial during the Olympics and I just totally love it, he's so much like me!

Thank you Nathan! Keep on running!

I've always been a Adidas guy but now I have a reason to love Nike!


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Locking Old Doors While Opening New Ones

It's been a while since I've posted a journal on here, not because of laziness or anything like that, I've just been busy.

Too busy really!

Puberty has been painful for me, literally, and now I'm at my full adult height and weight just over 200 pounds. I'm actually taller than my Dad now, and have size 11 shoes! My Dad has to stand on his toes to hug me, but that's okay with us.

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I Love This Commercial!!!!!

I saw this commercial while watching the Tour De France and it's so inspiring to me!

Sam : ))

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Empty Restaurants With No Available Tables

[Part 3 of "To Live Is To Survive"]

Before I started writing here I spent (wasted?) a lot of time in gay chat rooms, sometimes giving my real age, sometimes making myself 18 or whatever I felt like that day. The attention I was given pretending to be an adult was freaky and usually scary, strangers wanting personal info like my phone number, location, and penis size...and other stuff. It got to where I'd just do a intro giving that out (never using a location anywhere near where I live) and the weird questions would happen like magic.

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