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I Can't Believe I Did This!

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It's real late at night right now as I'm writing this but I just can't sleep, and I guess if I write about what happened to me on Sunday my mind might calm down?

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Confusing Attractions And Apes

Thanks for the feedback on my last entry, my Dad and Grandma and I are still figuring things out about my summer visit with so so I'll keep everyone posted. Your support/feedback has been huge for me!

This time around I want to write about feelings I have and things I'm attracted to that are confusing the shit out of me...this is stuff I lose sleep over.

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I've been busy the past few days, mostly because of Easter and having family over, so I been on here only to check on my journal for comments (none on my last one : ( ) and post a few comments myself.

On Monday my Dad sent me a e-mail talking about my visit to his home in Europe this summer and he said that he would love to have me come and live with him full time.

I'm still in shock. I don't really know how to feel?

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My Bedroom's Secrets

Again my thanks for the comments from my last journal!

This time I want to write about my bedroom. Yeah I know we all have one, but my bedroom used to be my Dad's, so to me it's my connection to him. I can text him, webcam and stuff with him, but he used to live in here! This room has a lot to do with me finding my gayness too.

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The Touchiest Subject

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You KNOW what this one's going to be about...


I don't know why this is such a taboo topic, and honestly if boys were encouraged to do it without shame the United States would have a lower teen pregnancy rate. My father being humiliated for masturbating is a big part of how I came to be. You'll learn about that later.

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A Very Touchy Subject

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This time the "peek" I'm going to give is very personal and deeply important to me, and it's the beginning of me explaining how I realized that I'm gay.

When I was born the first few days of my life were crazy from the way it's been explained to me, with my parents and their families trying to figure out what to do with me. I know they were seriously considering putting me up for adoption, and while I was still in the hospital another huge debate (fight) was going on.

Was I going to be circumcised or not? The clock's ticking...

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The World Is My School

As I mentioned in my debut here, I'm home schooled, and this time around I'm going to give another "peek" into my life by writing about that.

I think there's quite a few misconceptions about homeschooling, mainly that it's for kids that just don't like going to school or it's a way for Christian parents to keep their kids from the real world. I don't belong to either category, but I deal with these perceptions on a regular basis.

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I'm My Father's Son

Many thanks for those who replied to my first entry on here, made me feel better about being on here : )

My life's sometimes a mess (just like my room) and this time I'm going to talk about how I came to be, and why I live with my Grandma.

My Mom was in her senior year of high school when I was born, my Dad still in junior high (scandal !!!!). Dad was tutoring my Mom and she thanked him PHYSICALLY (you get the idea). I know this because I have the diary my Dad wrote from my age until he was 15, and believe me I'll be making lots of references to that on here.

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Don't Hate Me For Being Twelve!

So here I am writing my first of what I hope will be many entries, or as I like to say, peeks into my life.

And, yeah I'm really twelve. Eleven months until I'm a teen. Great.

Don't hate me for that!

I've known about Oasis for about a year when I was allowed unrestricted internet access/usage for the first time, and I wasted no time looking for gay stuff. Found lots of shady shit out there, and so far this is one of the few normal gay things.

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