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My Coming Out Story

Below in this journal entry is the story of how my parents found out about my sexuality or more or less how I came out to my family about it. I will admit that I was full of fear, sadness and self-loathing. But at least when I told them I had a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt better that I didn't have to hide it any more.

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One Loveable Creature

Through the hardships that I have had, either telling my parents and friends about my sexuality or battling my depression. There is one thing I know, that one living creature has stood by my side this entire time with unbounding love and affection and that would be my dog, who's name is Shep. Without him, I don't think I would have been able to make it. I think I would have had a mental break down and possibly commited suicide. But he was there for me the entire time, showing me love and affection and always listening to my feelings as well as just being by my side.

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