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Family First

I'm at this point in my life where I'm saying to Hell with how the rest of my family feels about my sexuality because its who I am It's what makes me It's what makes me the unique Devonte'. I just want my people to know so if they seem me floating with women and men it don't shock them I mean It's obvious that I'm attracted to women but I tad bit more attracted too men.

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Okay its been a while since I've posted but I need advice but a few days ago my mother came to me and was like why am I bisexual and I really couldn't answer her because I've no idea myself like I said i recognized I was attracted to men when I was 14 but I know deep down it started long before I was 14 but I'm attracted to women also so I know it makes me bi and I'm perfectly fine with being just that I'm just confuse on what and how I should answer that question she asked....HELP!!!!!!!

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All is well

So as ive recently stated when im mad i do tend to misspell words lol......anyways you all know i came out to my mother and sisters that i was bi well they came to me earlier today in my office and said that they were sorry they were just shocked because i told them i was a bisexual young man so now im living as a bisexual male because my cclosest friends know and my family so why not lol i even discovered my next door neighbors son was and that he was crushing on me i was sooooo suprised youd have never known untill oneday he asked could he tell me something i said sure he came flat out and s

If your relative Suspected you were GLBT, but when yoy came out to them they go ballistic what would you do in this situation?

Forget about it and move on
44% (4 votes)
confront her later after the news sink in a lik while and explain
44% (4 votes)
Withdraw, selfishness, hard headed narccistic culprit
11% (1 vote)
Total votes: 9
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Im Over It

So as you all know i finally told my mother and sisters that im bisexual right...they spazzed out as i thought they would they said some hurtful things thatll be hard for me to forgive but i know overtime i will but right now i feel a feeling of accomplishment all tge important people in my life know so im good.....for now i suppose like the old folk say "only time will tell"

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My Lidfe is ruined....

Im happy beinf the black bisexual male that i am yeah.....but i finally got the courage and even through the stutterung i tolld my mother and my oldest sister and thet spazzed out on me they were like i knew u were a faggit you punk...im like wow all i could was cry i swear those are some of the most hurtful s
Words ever especially from your mother.

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Perfect timing

So i was sitting in my home office when my mother and sisters walked in to get printing paper so i was thinking what better time to tell them than now so as they were walking out i stopped them and asked could i talked to them they were like sure so i said i have something to tell you guys and it happens i got all nervous started stuttering and sweating like a stuck pig so i waved of telling them AGAIN!!! when will i just say it but under the right circumstances.

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The Support From Oasis is Phenomenal

The support ive received and ive only been a member for 17 hours lol its like im wondering why cant the rest of society be as understanding and give you positive feedback and advice for those who gave me their input and advice on my last journal entry i thank you from the very bottom of my heart...

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Coming out to a already suspecting family

Well I've been bisexual since i was like 14 (young age, i know) i mean i love who i am and wouldnt change but my family has been suspecting i was gay yet i like men and women yeah i know theres nothing wring with that with being bisexual....anyways i want to tell them but everytime i go to tell one of them i get all choked up and i start sweating and stuttering like mad so i push it off everytime i know it makes me sound like a huge procrastinator which i am..but ive tld my bestfriends and they were very accepting of me being bisexual they all said the same thing "i knew you were,i was just wa

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