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my dad is an asshole

so i was having a conversation with my step dad about aids and he said " if gay men didnt have sex with monkeys there wouldnt be aids" to my little sister

1st of all thats not how aids started
2 having sex with monkeys is bestiality so what the fuck is wrong with you
3 dont talk to my sister like that
4 you are ignorant
5 go to hell bitch

i have never been able to understand him

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so the most awkward thing happened during christmas.
my grandma asked about my sex life (by the way non-existant) which was kind of weird*sarcasm*(it was really weird)
she didnt directly ask, she was more like" are you in a relationship".
~~me: no
her: oh i really want grandchildren
Me(in my head ) : well that sucks

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more about me...

possible things that you might need to know about me:
1 i am gay (completely... no girls for me)
2 i have had multiple boyfriends
3 i have dated a lesbian before just for shits and giggles( also it was a way for me and her to conceal our sexuality)
4 i am a virgin
5 i have 3 sisters
6 i am a junior in highschool
7 i like to shop
8 i am a gay rights activist( sort of... it is hard to be when your parents dont support you)
9 i am proud
10 i just got a hair cut
11 i love you
12 i am a frog(just seeing if you were paying attention)
13 i have an obsession with hair

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meanings i think we should think about

meaning of the rainbow flag

hot pink: sexuality
red: life
orange: healing
yellow: sunlight
green: nature
turquoise: magic/art
indigo/blue: serenity/harmony
violet: spirit

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what the fudge do i do?

i feel as though my parents want me to stay in the closet for the rest of my life

it sucks because i feel as though it should be my own choice who i tell...
my parents say that lgbt literature is banned from my house, they say that i am not allowed to date anyone, they refuse to even discuss my interests in being a gay rights activist, and they seem to think that being gay is a sin and that i am going to hell unless i become straight.

what the fudge am i supposed to do.

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see ya

gotta go school just started

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im gay and i need to talk to others

i just want to let you know that i love all of you

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