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Poems I wrote

These are the poems I wrote on Facebook. Hope you like them.
Fate will come a knocking.
While Memories will wash upon a shore
An Idea will come from no where
The words shall be never more

The skies will surely fall
The ocean will eventually turn red
The universe is full of wonder
In life we cannot be easily read.

The day is but a journey
The night is nearly past
The sun gives us glory
Our love may never last

The Fate is spun
The Memory is made
The Idea is last
The Words shall fade

The skies will calm

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I filled out my auto biography however its not exactly what you would expect. Please feel free to ask me questions about me through the inbox. So if anything thank you and Wibbly wobbly timey wimey. Alonsy!

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Diary of the DEAD

A man once told me that in order to really see life for what is truly is; you would have to be dead. At first I didn’t believe him given the fact I was ten and had just gotten finished building a sand castle in the backyard of my step fathers’ house. Now that I’m actually dead I am now beginning to see his point. You got me. I’m dead, and believe me this is no joke. I have been dead for twelve years now. Now to tell you this wonderful tale on who I was.

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The Mistreated - Chapter One

This is a work in progress. It is not done yet...

Now the next letter or document jumps to the past to the very beginning. At this point the writer is called Martin O’Neill. Martin currently has no wife, life, family, or money in this letter. I can now say that this is actually the only thing I could get from Mr. O’Neill since this was a very stressful time for him. Mind you this is going to be a long entry, but I made sure it is at least divided into two entries…I call this chapter…

Dreams from the Past

Thursday, October 17th, 1985
Dear Journal,

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The Mistreated - The Prologue

Sunday, November 5th, 2014

The sun had been shining for quite some time as the wind was blowing the autumn leaves around. It was almost Halloween, and children could be seen running on the cobble stone paths and streets in pure delight as their new costumes were drenched around their bodies. Parents could be seen smiling at their children thinking how proud they were of themselves, and occasionally dogs would be seen chasing after the oddly changed children.

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