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Back In Florida : )


It's been a while since I've been on here and when I tried recently the site wasn't running, but now I'm back and oh so thankful!

Right after I wrote my last journal I started to feel not so great, and in France we have cold and flu season just like in the United States. It hit me really hard, then got worse. I went to my doctor and was sent right away to the hospital with pneumonia, and was there for almost two weeks. It just kicked my butt!!! I lost 5 kilos of weight (eleven pounds) and am just starting to get my strenght back.

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Culture Shock

This time I want to write about some cultural attitudes in France that are very different from the United States, and some of you might be surprised about what I write? Others may not.

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Returning To My Other Home

At least twice a year since I was seven my father and I return to Florida for a visit, usually when I'm on school break and in the summer. We have a love/hate feeling about being back in the United States, the love part is seeing our relatives again, the hate part is certain things about Florida in general. They way the locals talk about tourists, who are spending money there just amazes me. Tourism is Florida's main source of income, you'd think they'd have some respect for us!

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Having Feelings for Him...And Her Too

I went to bed early last night and woke up real early, it's 5:00 A.M. now. Perfect time to write a new journal on here.

This time I want to write about how I started having feelings for boys, and also had some feelings for girls too.

Like 86% of the boys in France I wasn't circumcised (butchered as I call it) when I was a baby, and when I was eight the skin was loose enough for me to...well...have good feelings. My father taught me how to keep myself clean and I haven't had any problems so far.

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Friends And Lovers

Many thanks for your kind words about my mother's loss...it's still hard for me to believe she's really gone.

This time I'm going to write about what it was like living in France at first and I'm also going to tell you about my closest friends and the secret we share. All my friends have asked me not to use their real names so I hope you understand.

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Goodbye America...Hello France

Thanks to everyone for their kind welcome! I'll try to write on here more often but most likely I'll be posting on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays when I have more free time.

As promised this time around I'm going to write about how I came to live in France. It's not a happy story.

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Hello everybody! My name's Matt but all of my friends and my father call me Matty or Le Matt.

I consider myself gay but I also have some small feelings for girls too, and I've had a few experiences with them. I might talk about that, might not? I've been following Oasis for about a year and am impressed with the writing talent and diversity on here, especially Anarchist and Sam2000. Adding a French perspective could be interesting?

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