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It's been way too long since I've been one here and I want to update things!

Last year I applied to a really good private school here, knowing that it was a long shot for me to get in. Really my mom did the applying but it was my friend Michael who made the suggestion. He goes there and his dad wrote a letter of recommendation for me. We also applied for financial aid, which we knew would also be a long shot.

We were told that the selections would be made in March, and we would hear by May 1st if I got in or not. It's been a tense wait!

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Life Happens #2

I was real upset when I was writing my last journal, which I why I stopped midway through what I wanted to write. I'm a bit better now, but what I've gone through the last few weeks isn't something that just goes away I suppose?

When I went to see my grandparents the day after mom and I went back to Minnesota the cold hard reality of my grandfather's condition just hit me as had as the cold winter wind.

He had always been a healthy and active guy, and now he was this emaciated person who bore little resemblance to the man who used to take me fishing and play catch for hours on end.

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Life Happens #1

The day that I wrote my last journal entry I handed in my science class project, and two poster presentation on the fermentation of grains to make alcohol. It took me two weeks to make and I thought it was a good effort by me.

Wow was I wrong!

On Monday my teacher told me she needed to talk to me, which surprised me a bit because I'm a good student in her class, and I'm never in trouble.

"Riley, you're project is not appropriate for your grade level or age. You'll have a week to turn in another "acceptable" one or you'll be given a zero for the assignment."

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One Taste And You're Going To Be Hooked

I wrote about being exposed to porn in my last journal, this one's going to be a continuation of that but a bit more sinister.

A few weeks after seeing my first porn and learning a important new skill Justin came over to my place one Saturday with a DVD that he promised I would enjoy. We closed the drapes and undressed, knowing that what we would be watching would lead to us having fun.

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Dirty Movies

I appreciate the comments on my first journal and also the humor! It feels great to finally be part of the gay community.

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Lurking No More


I'm Riley (my middle name), I'm 15, and live in Florida although I'm originally from Minnesota, moving here two years ago. While this is my first time writing on here, I've been a loyal Oasis reader for over a year now. I finally decided to stop lurking because I think it's time that I start being a part of the gay community, even if it's just online. I'm not out so using my first name on here isn't something I'm comfortable with just yet.

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