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Madly confused about a boy!:S

So me and this boy called Matthew have been speaking for a few months now; see Matthew is bisexual like me and its like hes me in another life because he goes through everything I go/have gone through!

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My coming out story.. so far :P

Ive not made a journal entry in quiet a while so i have a lot of updating to do!

Let me start by saying Im a 14 year old boy and im bisexual, A few month ago i would of choked on those words but now im much more comfortable with myself although Im still learning about my sexuality I can deal with it better because of my personal acceptence.

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Starting to Come out :)!

So Last night I told one of my good friends Ruby that i thought i was a bisexual because she is openly a bisexual so i thought that she would understand better:)

It was so relieving to finally admit who you truely are to someone obviously this site has helped, It gave me the courage to tell somebody, but telling a friend and having them hug you and reassure you and help. The feeling is great!

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I really do not want to be gay!!!

So im 14 years old im a boy and i think i am a bisexual.I have more non sexual feelings for women and more sexual feelings for men. For example i would love nothing more than a big house and a wife and kids!But then i have these fantasies about men.ive never actually been in a relationship with a man because to be honest the thought knocks me sick but ive had a few relationships with girls but nothing serious at all.

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