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Life's been good but a bit strange since I was last on here. Good that Sam2000 is okay after his accident and hopefully he's be on here more often, and strange with my family.

Last week my my grandpa, uncle and I were "invited" back to visit my Amish relatives, but it was more than that. They needed some work done on the house and instead of having a member of the Amish community do it, my other grandpa asked if we could help. It's something they do with the family business, so it wasn't that strange, but still...

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The Birds And The Bees, Amish Style

I wanted to write this time about sex ed, Amish style, really based on what my uncle and grandpa have told me. It's funny in some ways to me, kind of sad in others.

For starters, most Amish kids know very little about sex. Teens know a bit more, especially if they help with farm animal breeding. Most teen girls have no idea how a baby is really made, but the idea is ignorance will prevent teen pregnancy. That's a big part of how I happened. Girls are told that periods and boobie growth is just signs that they're getting ready for marriage

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Your Past Is Not Your Destiny

Now that I've given a bit of history about the Amish, I'd like to write some about my family, and some of this isn't going to be easy for me to talk about.

I live with my uncle Bill (my dad's brother) really because my dad is the most irresponsible human on the face of the Earth. I really don't like putting it that way, but sadly it's the truth. I guess I shouldn't be all mad because his irresponsibility is the reason I'm alive.

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The Amish Among Us: A History Lesson

Last week I wrote in a comment about my family being ex-Amish, and this time I want to go into that some more. There's some things I won't write about for a bunch of reasons, but what I WILL say is true. Part of this is from a school history report I wrote two years ago, the rest is personal experience.

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Girls Love Drum Solos Too (Correct Link)

I posted the wrong link to the girl playing the drum solo, but I thought the one I posted was good too : )

I feel SO stupid now!

Here's the correct link:



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Girls Love Drum Solos Too!

I saw this video on YouTube and had to share it. Girls get looked down on for playing the drums but I think she did a good job. She's influenced by one of my favorites, Neil Peart from Rush, not a bad thing.

Plus, she's got a sense of humor!



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Outsiders Among Us

Hi Oasisland! My name's Joey and I'm 13, going to be 14 this fall. This is my first time writing on here but I'm been a steady follower of this site since I was 10. I've been wanting to write on here for a really long time, but I didn't think I would get any kind of real acceptance being on here when I was younger. And I'm FAR from being what the gay community would consider an ideal gay teen.

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