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Is this school? Okay.

So today was the start of another year of high school. In other words, dismissing my mother's vague notions of *moving*, I'm taking this year to really and officially come out as trans. Whopee.
I believe I passed fairly well- the people who had never met me before, i. e. students and new teachers, automatically used male pronouns and were rather suprised to see my birth name and an 'F' on the seating chart. Most readily accepted calling me Jay. People who had met me previously, however, definitely still recognised me and weren't wiling to let it slide so easily.

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'You're Being Self-Centered' and other disputes

This morning, my 72-yo grandmother charged in and demanded I Get Out Of Bed! I wanted to know what she was doing in my room and when she would leave. She sat down and claimed she was staying until I stopped thinking of myself. Did she WANT to come wake me up? Of course not! But here I was, making it all about me.

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Wow. Wowee wow wow. Uh, hi, an introduction, I guess.

How do I? Even begin to do this. Alright. My name is Jay. Some people would dispute that. I'm a teenage transdude with a lot of opinions about nearly everything. The Internet is my homeland, and I'm surprisingly capable of maintaining friendships.

I'm intensely into science of all sorts, especially medical science (gENETICS??? NEURO!?!?!?!). My goal is to someday become a neurosurgeon, because I find consciousness beautiful, I want to help people, and I want to stick my hands into people's skulls.

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