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What Oasis Means To Us, And What We Can Do To Make It Better

We decided as a group to co-write a journal discussing Oasis and what it means to us, and ways that maybe it can be made better? This took some effort on our part, and lots of sneaking around and texts to accomplish but we hope that as writers on here we can advance the one place where we can publicly be ourselves.

What Does Oasis Mean To Us?

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Geared Up! (Noah)

I have to write about something that's a big part of me, well at least my gayness, but I really don't get it. Maybe some of you can help?

I have a gear fetish. I get hard looking (and thinking) about guys in jockstraps-especially with cups-and sports uniforms. And if I can see their underarms...damn that makes me superhard! When that happens, as much as I don't want it to it makes me feel like a freak.

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Waking Up The Sleeping Giant (Dante)

In my last journal I wrote about my family and how I came about, and this time I'm going to discuss my first encounters with racism and my bisexuality. These two topics will be a common theme in what I write here.

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Rewrites And Time Management

Right now the other Rejects and I are working on some new journals, and rewriting some of the ones we had wanted to post because we felt that we could do better. We're nerds and we want what we write to be great, and most of us have the perfection gene ; )

It's also hard to write stuff when you're buried in homework and some of the other things we do, but we'll make it happen.

We really want to thank everyone for the comments they've given us, it feels great to be a part of Oasis!!!!!!


Dante, along with Drew, Noah, and Aaron

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Juggling Three Worlds (Noah)

Hi everyone! My name's Noah, and this is my first journal here. I'm equally nervous and stoked to be here doing this, and I hope that what I write doesn't blow!

This journal's title is a reflection of how I feel. I'm interfaith (Catholic and Jewish) and 100% no doubt about it GAY. It feels funny to see that on my computer monitor right now. I really do juggle three very different worlds and all I want is to be a normal kid. As my Dad always says, "It's not going to happen!"

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BIG (Aaron)

Being different sucks, but if you're smart you can make your differences into something awesome!

I'm Aaron, and of the Rejects I'm the youngest and the BIGGEST member. You probably noticed that I had a word in all caps? There's a reason for that. BIG describes something large so I think it should be in all caps! My journal,my grammar rules : ))

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Definitions And Acceptance (Drew)

This isn't going to be easy for me to write, but I think I'm finally ready to start telling my story. Thanks to Dante and the other Rejects for giving me the encouragement to do this. Without them I'd be completely lost.

Trans. A simple word. Yet it defines me and scares the living shit out of me at the same time. It also comforts me, giving definition to what I am and what I need to be. This isn't a choice or a whim, this is reality.

I did it! I finally did it! I told total strangers what I am! I'm so happy that I am about to cry, and I've done a lots of crying over this!

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(Unwanted)Roots (Dante)

I wrote in the introduction that we might say some things that could shock or offend some people, so don't get mad at me if that happens.

As a group we have many secrets, and being gay is the common thread we share. I have secrets too, but these are kept in a more secure place.

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This first journal is a huge step for us, the beginning of what we hope will be a long relationship, and maybe a opportunity to let the gay world know that anyone can be gay/bi/lesbian/trans, especially the rejects like us.

If I've confused anyone yet then you know how we feel.

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