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one biology exam

I was in my class after our exams .Biology was over 25 minutes ago and i
was so worried about my performance when she came in .What started out
as a normal discussion between friends turned into an ultimate debate on
pregnancy and its complications.She then told me that all the pain
you'll go through during that time will dissolve into nothing when you
see your baby's smile.But i couldn't tell her that it isn't the baby's
smile that'll dissolve my pain but her smile.

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i love my best friend

She is perfect .tall, dusky and beautiful of looks and mind.I've known her for five years since we were eleven and I have left many a guy because she told me too.She is straight and I thought I was but turns out I wasn't .It took me five years to realise I'm in love with her.I love her more than anything and I wish I'd seen the signs earlier.I've stopped talking to her when my true feelings for her and my orientation scared me .

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