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SQL Quiz for the geeks out there

Ok, quick question about the use of "like" in SQL queries (or queeries, since I'm posting here). What's the syntax for when you are seaching for something at the beginning of a string, or the end? for instance, I'm trying to look through a string of numbers separated by commas for a certain number. So, if I'm looking for "1", it will be: '1,x,x', 'x,1,x', or 'x,x,1'. I don't want to return things like '17,x,x' or something like that, so I want to search for '*beginning of string*1,', ',1,' or ',1*end of string*'. Any way to do that?


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Good Advice

Sometimes good advice is so hard to follow... trying....


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Educational Panel

I'm working on creating an educational panel at school, where a bunch of people are qualified to speak about GLBT issues...

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Things I don't understand

1) Why I just took the bisexual quiz, and it told me I was "Definitely not bisexual"... ummm, no. Wrong. Thank you for playing, please try again.

2) Why I woke up this morning and started worrying about having children, and explaining it to my mom...

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Feeling ashamed about my computing skills

I'm needing to work on a programming project in C, and I'm feeling really stupid about my programming prowess.... however much I love the Lone Gunmen, I must admit that my Kung Foo is not the best.

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<i>Quills</i> is not a bedtime story...

I went over to Tucker last night to watch a movie with my friends Joe, Adam, and Jenny. I dragged my roomie along. Somehow, at about 11:00 at night, we decided Quills would be a great movie to watch. Between me and Joe, we have the keys to the film library and to the theatre, so we watched it on the big screen... boy, do I regret it.

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Hot as Hell...

The sauna that is my room... and the job that I want.

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Hmmm.... ok, this was "New User"

I wrote a little thing about seing my name on the side under "new users" and thinking, "hey, I'm not a new user! I've been around forever..."

But then it disappeared... obviously, despite extensive LJing, I haven't got this blog thing down... oh well.

The new site looks fantabulous, thanks to all the people who put it up, esp. Mama Jeff and Adrian. Much queer love to everyone.

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