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shameless promotion

Has anyone else heard of Evalyn Parry? She's awesome folk singer who sings about how government needs to change and how society is absurd and about what it's like being gay. (oo.. shameless promotion on my part here.. oh well) she has some awesome songs like one called the gay rover, which is a cute little song where some guys try to pick her up and she turns them all down and then some girl tries to and she accepts.. it ends with the line "when i said gay i didn't mean happy" ..she also does a really fucking hilarious song called Always that makes fun of always maxi pads.. "i've got wings! i can fly!" .. she does some spoken word, some songs, some acapela songs (just her singing)..

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feeling more gay

But I'm a Cheerleader is my new favorite movie. Just thought i'd mention that...

I've felt more gay recently.. it's really nice, in my opinion. I consider myself bi, but recently, like in the last few weeks, i haven't been into guys at all.. and i feel like my hormones are raging. I dunno, in general though, i'm bi tending towards other females.. like on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is straight and 10 is gay, i usually find myself around 7.. but recently i've felt more in the 9 or 9.5 area.. i hope i didn't just confuse anyone..

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life is crazy

the other day two of my friends started going out..

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I am broken
Anguish flows from my depths

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i still feel like i'm on a boat..

i just went on a four-night cruise in the Caribbean to Cozumel, Mexico.. it was so incredible..

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chaos, then cruise!

i have far too much to do. i have a podiatrist appointment tomorrow at 1:45 so i have to leave school early, and then right after that appointment i have to go to my soccer game.

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1st time blogger

i've never blogged before. i just signed up for oasis a few weeks ago and have been avidly reading the blogs and occasionally visiting the forums, but never posting.

As for not being straight, i realized that i for sure wasn't straight about 4 months ago. The thought had already crossed my mind in the months before, and at one point in those few months before i thought i was bisexual, but then i got really confused and considered myself questioning instead. But now, i'm finally sorting it out more. i know i'm attracted to girls, more so than guys i think, but i'm not sure where i stand with guys. I'm giving it some time and eventually i'll know more of where i stand in the scheme of things. For now, i'll focus on the females :).

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