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There's this girl I hang out with a lot. Yeh. I swear she has a crush on me. I would totally go out with her if it werent for me being gay. Wait. No, I wouldn't, even if i were straight. She's been telling me a lot about her life and why she's so sad and her boy problems and stuff(she's definitely not what you would call a girly girl. or a prep). Last night she asked me to tell her what my problem was. I told her I couldn't tell her, and that there really wasn't anyone that I could tell because I really don't trust anyone enough.

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I'm back...for good.

Yep. I stopped posting here a long time ago. But this time I'm going to make myself stay. Disregard all of my old entries, or read them to see how much I've matured. Whatever works.

I'm gonna tell a little about myself, just for the fun of it. I'm 15. 5' 5". 140 lbs(yeh, I'm fat, shut up). Brown curly hair to my cheeks. Hazel eyes. Pale skin(I could almost be a goth).

I love music. I play drums. I listen to mostly underground stuff like emo, indie, punk, and hardcore. I was going to list some bands, but I decided to be lazy. Big surprise. Just know that I HATE Simple Plan, Avril, GC, Aerosmith, Creed, Puddle of Mudd, Limp Bizkit, All Country, most rap, etc.

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It's been a while

Wow...it been a long time since i posted on here, even though I only posted twice. Wassup people? Not much here. Sill completely closeted.

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i'm so bored...and no one will read this but it still will cure boredom.
I LLLOVVVVEEE music. I play the drums right now even though i suck(notice my pessimism)
So just for my own enjoyment im going to list some songs and bands that are awesome

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i don't have muhc to say today. nothing happened todzay cuz im such a loser...lol. one of my friends just figured out that i look like gordo from lizzie mcguire...god she's such a dimwit...that's my nickname.


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Language was made so we could complain

ugh...its like 12 o clock...and im not tired...but i'm really bored

I'm new here so I really don't know what i'm doing...so if somebody is actually reading this just bear(did i spell that right?) with me

It sucks to be 14...and closeted at the same time. i though that is could only get better after 13...and in some ways it has, but god i wish i could come out...if only i could. Every day i have the most irresistible urge to tell my sister...she's the only one who would understand and not make fun of me...and yet she'd probly tell everyone.

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