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11 years and going strong?


This site is still here... gawd!


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Back to the souce...

When I first discovered Oasismag, I was a closeted teen in secondary school. I was intrigued by the site and read all the back issues and found stories by people who were feeling just was I was feeling at that point: I felt no so alone after all... Of course back then oasis was nothing like it is today and there were only a few stories per month... As I read through people's stories, I admired them all for their ability to be open about their sexuality and almost idolized them: I wanted to be free like they were.

And so I did it, back when I was 15, on September 11th, 2001, coinciding with the infamous events, I came out to my best friend back then.. And it was all okay... I cried and cried, but realised I had finally become free...

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ADRIAN "of Hadria" (Latin). Hadria was a town in northern Italy (it gave it's name to the Adriatic Sea). Hadrian the Emperor was a famous bearer of the name.

Just cause Adriens and Adrians rule.


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Well this seems pretty cool.. i'm guessing the personal sites will be something like... xanga or something...

Thanks to all those taking the time to bring this back up :)



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