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A Boi and Her Tux

Happy news - I'm going to a Men's Wearhouse today to rent a tux for my senior photos. I'll be sure to post a scan of the the pictures here as soon as I get them. The photographers said to wear a drape or a tux for the classic formal pictures ... I just hope they accept my choice of the two.

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1 in 10: Compare and Contrast

One in ten is the number typically given of people who are queer. It is also the number of women who will get breast cancer in their life-time.

I'm queer. My mom may have breast cancer.

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I Was, I Am, I Will Be: On Becoming Butch

I'm not like other girls, and I never have been. When I was in grade school, I got in to fist-fights with boys when they would make fun of my weird, nerdy friends. Even in third grade, I was called a bull and a gorilla. I resented wearing a dress during chorus, although I loved singing. I tried to get of of the dress-wearing by pointing out that we needed more tenors, and I had the deepest voice of any of the girls, so I should sing a tenor part with the boys chorus. I was angry when the chorus teacher didn't buy it. Even younger than that, I played with both Hot Wheels and Barbies - but when when we left a box of toys at my old home when we moved, it was the cars and the cars only that I cried for. In middle school, when the other girls began to like make-up, I could only think of how it made my face uncomfortable and fake. I began to hate the pretty clothes that my mother and aunts bought for me. We fought about it. We still do.

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A Though on Sex Ed, Teen Sex, And School-Sponsored Cheerleaders Shaking Their Cute Little Asses

A Brief Though on School, Teen Sex, And School-Sponsored Cheerleaders Shaking Their Cute Little Asses

We have a new gym at my school, and it officially opened today. There was a pep-rally to celebrate it's opening and the first game that is to be held in it. Of course, there were plenty of cheerleaders there, doing their little dances and stunts (so of them were quite impressive).

Now, my question is this: what is it that compels the administration to, on the one hand, refuse to provide free or low-cost safer sex materials to students in the clinic or bathrooms - there was a big stink about the issue last year - and on the other hand, support and sponsor such blatantly sexual activity? There's no way you can convince me that putting a dozen pretty girls up on stage in ultra-short skirts and bare tummies to strut and shake and bounce their stuff is not obviously and vigorously sexual.

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My History Teacher Jokes about Domestic Abuse. I Cry Like a Ninny. Film at 11.

As most of you know, the US presidential elections are tomorrow, November 2nd. I live in a conservative area of the south-eastern United States, and I have one teacher in particular who enjoys not letting us ever forget that. He is very right-wing-conservative, and frequently takes time out of class to talk politics. Today, he certainly had to chime in about the elections. He spent 1/2 of our hour-long class talking about the politics, and then felt it appropriate to thusly close his statements on the issue:

“Well, I know who I'm going to vote for, and I can tell my wife who to vote for with my fist.

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