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I'm negative. YAY!

One of the requirements for my immigration to Canada, is that I go for a full physical. Which will very likely include an hiv test.

As a precautionary measure, I felt I needed to go get myself tested. Simply because I didn't feel comfortable having a foreign government test me for something I wasn't already 100% sure of the answer of before.

Even though I knew I was clean, this has still been an incredibly stressful thing to go through.

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Posts will now have friendlier urls.

I have just enabled the URL aliasing feature for new posts and users on Oasis Magazine. It's a subtle thing, but it's an important usability feature.

What this means is that when you post new content, the link won't be just 'node/[some big number]', but instead it will be '[year]/[month]/[title]'.

Users will also be linked as 'user/[user name]' instead of 'user/[user id]'. If you have strange characters in your user name, your profile link might look slightly odd however. It is best to choose a user name without spaces, for instance. Profiles are still only visible to members, so your personal information is still not being indexed by google.

As there is a lot of content on Oasis, it will take a couple of days for friendly urls to be created for all the old content. The old links will still work, so you don't have to worry about that =).

We are edging ever closer to the relaunch of Oasis Magazine. So stick around =)

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Introducing free tagging

I've made a small configuration change to the site, which allows you to assign any number of keywords to your posts.

If you fill in these tags, you will be able to find other posts by people who are writing about the same things (example being homework, music, coming out etc.)

The new Oasis Magazine relaunch is getting real close now =).

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Gay Monopoly


Gay Monopoly - A celebration of gay life".

Tongue in cheek version of the classic Monopoly. Player tokens are altered - now you can choose from a jeep, teddy bear, blow drier, leather cap, handcuffs or a stiletto heel. Properties have been changed to a 'gay' theme as well - e.g. Fire Island and Castro Street. Instead of buying houses and hotels, you can buy bars and bathhouses.

The one departure from the original Monopoly is the inclusion of Family Pride cards. When landing on the appropriate space, the description of a famous gay man is read aloud, and the player that can correctly identify the person can move ahead to any space on the board.
Also different is the addition of Camp Cards. When these are drawn, you must perform the indicated action (ie. 'say: 'faaabulous!' six different ways and receive $3).
Rumor has it that there were only a very limited number of copies of this game, as it was produced by The Parker Sisters, a division of Fire Island games, and were sued for copyright infringement by Parker Brothers.

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Quick note: I've changed the navigation slightly.

To save space in the right sidebar, the user menu is now contained in the header, above the logo. All post types you can create are now available in the write menu, meaning you don't have to click on create content first.

I've also made it so that clicking on the 'Log In' link, collapses a small login form that you can log in with now.

If there are problems with any of this functionality, could you guys please leave me a message here, with your browser name and version, and possibly take a screenshot.

Thanks. =)

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Oasis now has a search feature.

One of the features I've always wanted for Oasis was a search box, so that you could more easily find that post you recalled seeing, but couldn't quite remember who wrote it, or when it was written.

Now I'm not saying that the search functionaliy will rival that of google, but it does sometimes provide more accurate results, considering it doesn't have to worry about indexing the rest of the internet.

In the near future, user profiles will also become searchable.

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Introducing the members list and new profile fields.

One of the things I've gotten around to setting up is a member's directory.

Logged in users will be able to click on the members link in the top navigation bar to go to the member's directory. This shows a list of the registered users on the site. This is ONLY visible if you are logged in, to protect your privacy.

Part and parcel of this, was the addition of a couple of fields to make the profiles a bit more interesting. I am talking about the tag, and the tagline fields.

Read more for a description of these extra fields

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Oasis Magazine has been successfully upgraded.

I finished the scheduled upgrades to Oasis Magazine this afternoon, and I thought I'd point out some of the new features.

Firstly, you guys will notice our swanky new theme, which was primarily based on the new Drupal base theme. I have also (started) re-working the navigation of the site, to make things more cleanly linked, and simpler to navigate.

The next important change we made, is that you can no longer view user profiles without being logged in. This is an important security consideration, as it stops google and other search engines from crawling your user profile pages for details such as your AIM account, or myspace pages.

(more after the jump)

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Oasis scheduled downtime and software upgrade.

UPDATE: The downtime will begin at about 11 p.m. Pacific Time, Friday, November 24!!! -- Jeff

UPDATE ADDENDUM: The downtime will begin at about 11 p.m. Pacific Time, TONIGHT, Saturday, November 25. -- Jeff

Sometime during the next couple of days, Oasis Magazine will be unavailable for a period of up to 5 hours, due to a software upgrade that will take place.

Due to the nature of the upgrade, Oasis Magazine will be in a transitional state for a couple of days, so we would appreciate that if you do find any bugs in the new version, you please post about them on the support forum.

This is the first step on the road to the relaunch of Oasis Magazine, with many exciting new features and a brand new look. =)

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Greetings from Belgium.

In the window of the European Center for Contemporary Art.
I am here in Brussels, in Belgium, for a conference this week, and I thought you guys might appreciate this window display I found.

I suppose it's more applicable to those of us who like the more hirsute =P

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Arrrr ye ready for it ?

arrrrrr maytey, evver listen ta them airlubbers explain about them AIR ships? No barnacles for them!

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New server soon

I will be moving OasisMag to a new server in the next couple of weeks, while doing that I will be upgrading the software we run on , so some things might end up looking a bit weird for a few days, but the change will allow things like the youtube videos to finally work.

-- management =P

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The end of a long journey.

I finally arrived back home today, after being away from it for a full 6 weeks. I was staying at a friend's place in Johannesburg ( I live in cape town).

I was there for several reasons, but primarily for a course I was teaching for one week, a set of plane tickets booked to germany from johannesburg and also to see some friends who had returned from 3 months overseas.

My trip however got extended by my laptop dying, and me only having a replacement in Johannesburg, where I was at the time.

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Oasis Magazine breaks the 10k user barrier

Today is a momentous ocassion for, as we have just reached our ten thousandth user on the site.

Congratulations to Humar_maker499 who is our lucky contestant.

Here's to another ten thousand users =)

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I got a DS Lite!

After my recent bevy of technical troubles, i felt that I needed to get some retail therapy in.

I've spent entirely too much money on videogames this month. I bought Guitar Hero (ps2), Shadow of the Colossus (ps2), Loco Roco (psp), Zelda: Wind Waker (gamecube), Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney (DS) and Trauma Center - Under the Knife (DS).

I also got myself a shiny new DS Lite, seeing as they finally came out here. It should be noted i've actually already played / finished about half of those. But they were so awesome they deserved to be bought. Shadow and Phoenix Wright especially =)

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