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that's all i need to do now.

chill, play ultimate mortal kombat 3 , and read harry potter.

in case you weren't aware .. my arcade stick arrived.. such a fun toy.. been playing street fighter all week.

Well , fare thee well as i mince off into the sunset and go get some well deserved _sleep_

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Well then ..

My weekend turned out to be a lot more busy than i had originally thought..

Firstly .. a lot of people should know by now about my attraction to Colin Farrel, indeed.. he is number 1 on my list of men in hollywood to shag ... and then my housemate drops this on my bed on sunday morning... or atleast an edited version of that.. heh.

Anyway , i ended up spending 13 hours in a bathhouse on sunday. Which is weird for me.. I don't usually go into the casual sex scene thing, but this was a nice relaxed change.

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I wasnt made gay by anyone, it was all just pure luck?

My weekend is progressing ok ..
Had a very constructive linux user group meeting =) ..
Kind of came out to all of them..

Someone was like 'you are just a closet neo-nazi' .. and i was like 'sweeeetie.. i am not a closet ANYTHING!' .. and at some later stage we were discussing irc, and i was like.. 'yeah .. i have been an operator on #gaysa for years and years"

Also notable is that I have managed to garner quite a bit of support with the guys and generally managed to find a direction for us to head in the future.

This is one of those cases where I am taking leadership because everyone else is too non-committal and it is hurting the local linux community ..

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Proof once again ..

that some people just have toooooooo much fucking time.

Disco Squirrels

I am waiting anxiously for latest toy to arrive. ... mwahahaha.

Pretty soon I'll have my own arcade cabinet in my living room. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc etc. mmm.. can't wait.

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I think i'm getting old.

My self-induced detox/slow january is officially over .. yet i just couldn't find any time this weekend to be arsed to actually go clubbing or do anything VAGUELY social.

I actually pulled out of 2 pre-scheduled such events.. no make that 3 .. or was it 4.

I slept , watched some Farscape .. and read 2 Harry Potter books .. (1 left.. then I am also in queue for book 5).

Err , I can't think of anything redeeming I did this weekend.. honestly.

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Sweet Dreams ...

I am going to spend the weekend trying to recover some form of sleeping pattern..

It's going to be .. interesting ..

Hopefully i'll read the second and third harry potter.. and if all goes as planned, order my gamecube (yay!)

Can you believe it makes more sense for me to import an american machine from a GBP retailer than importing it from either america or using the local systems (which are imported from GBP).

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I went on my first photoshoot today.. (*^_^*)
And before you guys start perking up .. yes.. this was one of those fully clothed ones.. thankjoovellymunch!

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i had a very good day today .. but it's 5:15 am , i havent slept .. and i need to be at work soon..

plus i didn't manage to finish a very important task .. but i will get to it today , somehow ..

also .. my new desktop [image|55]

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I thought you kids might appreciate this (clickable) : *giggles*

And for the last tiem .. i did not make it!

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I are just testing somfink.

*evil maniacal grin*

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