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Is it wrong ?

.. to find stephen colbert (of the daily show) sexually attractive?

I just watched the first season of a tv show he wrote called strangers with candy. It has him and the art teacher having an illicit gay relationship. It's quite cool =)

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Beautiful gay merit badges for sale

Copied from Boing Boing

Picture 1-23
Larry Jens Anderson is selling great embroidered "Gay Merit Badges" for $20. Shown here: "Flaming Faggot." Link (thanks, Garth!)

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I'm watching hairspray..

for the first time ever =)

I bought a box set of john waters movies when i was in vancouver....

damn you best buy *shakes fist in the air*

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Wig shopping expedition.

So my friend has kindly requested me to buy her a wig while I am in North America.

I have decided to go wig shopping with a bunch of friends, and trying them all on. and taking pictures , which will in turn get published on the public internet, where she can choose which one she wants.

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Going to be in Vancouver and Portland Oregon over the next few weeks.

Pop me a line in case any of you guys want to hook up. (Jazzer, this means you).

Mail me at oasismag at daemon dot co dot za.

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24 years young..

24 years young and never been fisted.

's my bday today =)

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I got an idea for the marketing slogan for one of those straight camps!

"There's room for everybody in the closet of the Lord"

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I apologize if I have been neglecting the day to day running of this site.

I'm usually a lot more active on here. I have been going through a lot of stuff with work at present,
and when I haven't been working on work work, I've been working on the next version of Oasismag.

More specifically I've been finishing the user sites functionality, and the new design, and many other bits and pieces. The new oasis site is going to rock your socks off, so be prepared *grin*.

I'm just leaving you guys a note to tell you that I haven't forgotten about you, and I still care for you lot. I will make a more official announcement about the new site, as soon as I am ready.

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So i've been re-thinking how Oasis works recently, and i've decided to simplify a lot of the interface, and how things work around here. It's gonna rock =) .. I'm going to be re-designing the site to better suit the new philosophy as well.

Oh. and the server move went off without a hitch.

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April Fool : A new world has opened up for me.

I've had a very interesting few weeks, apart from moving over the country, I also had a life altering experience.

It all started with a boy, doesn't it always? Anyway .. I met Peter at a restaurant that
I had gone to with a friend, and we clicked immediately.. an evening of flirting, and
an exchange of phone numbers later, I had someone new in my life.

Being as I was on my way out of town, and I only had 2 weeks to spend any
time with him, and his work schedule involved working for most of the week.
This left us with Sundays to cavort, and on the first Sunday we were suppose to
meet up there was a complication, he wanted me to go to church with him first thing.
Now, I am not a religious person in the least, but this boy was really really hot,
and I figure that an hour or so of boredom for a few hours of uncomplicated nookie
would not be a problem. However, during the sermon, I think something resonated with me ..
because the next week I went back, and the next week. I never did get to sleep with Peter,
but what I did get was a million times better! LOVE!

This is a new experience for me, and I truly think I found a part of myself that I hadn't known existed,
however, my new found Belief in the love of Jesus has thrown me into disarray, as I need to re-evaluate
many things about myself, my sexuality and how this all relates to the future of Oasismag. This is an
absolute eye-opener for me, and the peace of mind it has given me is better than any high.

Love Adrian.

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i wish...

I wish that Bukkake stimulated facial hair growth.

I want a goatee.

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Snow is highly overrated.

Being from Africa, I had never seen it before. It has now lost all it's romance. =)

The conference is now kind of over, so now it's just me and all the other developers kicking around Belgium. what's cool is how great all the new changes suggested will affect oasismag. =)

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Yay. I finally left south africa.

Even if it is just for a week, and for a conference.

I am sitting at my friend Bér's place in Antwerp, Belgium.

I am quite tired after the 12 hours of travelling though. =P

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Jesus Fucking H. Christ spinning on a stick. How did I become the responsible one.

It's been a really bad year for my family so far =(

About 3 weeks ago my 15 year old sister was arrested for possession of marijuana at school. What is worse, is that she did this on purpose because she wanted to be thrown out of school. She is now in a 5 week rehab center because she was being a complete fucking prima-donna and told my mother how bad she was, and how she wanted some security in her life. Of course she fucking hates it there now, but it's what she deserves for being such a little bitch.

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The New Year , by Death Cab for Cutie.

(I have completely fallen in love with this band)

So this is the new year.
And i don't feel any different.
The clanking of crystal
Explosions off in the distance (in the distance).

So this is the new year
And I have no resolutions
For self assigned penance
For problems with easy solutions

So everybody put your best suit or dress on
Let's make believe that we are wealthy for just this once

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