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"Needs" - Collective Soul

All around me I see what weakness has made
Too much tomorrow I think I'll take all today
Am I a poison, Am I a thorn in the side
Am I picture perfect subject tonight

I don't need nobody
I don't need the weight of words
To crash on thru
I don't need nobody
I just need to learn the depth
Or doubt of faith to fall into

Here I slumber to awaken my daze

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From the desk of TheOnion

America's Finest News Source has posted some great gay related articles in the past, and I thought I would take a moment to dig them up and share them with you.

1998 Homosexual Recruitment Drive Nearing Goal
SAN FRANCISCO—Spokespersons for the National Gay & Lesbian Recruitment Task Force announced Monday that more than 288,000 straights have been converted to homosexuality since Jan. 1, 1998, putting the group well on pace to reach its goal of 350,000 conversions by the end of the year.

"Thanks to the tireless efforts of our missionaries nationwide, in the first seven months of 1998, nearly 300,000 heterosexuals were ensnared in the Pink Triangle," said NGLRTF co-director Patricia Emmonds. "Clearly, the activist homosexual lobby is winning."

Emmonds credited much of the recruiting success to the gay lobby's infiltration of America's public schools, where programs promoting the homosexual lifestyle are regularly presented to children as young as 5.

Gay Pride Parade sets mainstream acceptance of gays back 50 years
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA—The mainstream acceptance of gays and lesbians, a hard-won civil-rights victory gained through decades of struggle against prejudice and discrimination, was set back at least 50 years Saturday in the wake of the annual Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade.

"I'd always thought gays were regular people, just like you and me, and that the stereotype of homosexuals as hedonistic, sex-crazed deviants was just a destructive myth," said mother of four Hannah Jarrett, 41, mortified at the sight of 17 tanned and oiled boys cavorting in jock straps to a throbbing techno beat on a float shaped like an enormous phallus. "Boy, oh, boy, was I wrong."

Ofcourse, everyone knows this is parody, yet it still remains hellishly funny *evil grin*

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G'Day and all that

So I am writing a quick throw away post before i get going again.

I have spent the last 5 days completely chilled at home.. Hell , i even avoided going to any of the parties I had been invited to. What's weird is that everyone thinks i am depressed or somethng, while nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is, i have just taken a step back and am purposefully doing almost nothing.. Kind of recharging my batteries. I have been reading a lot (i have finished almost 7 novels in the last 2 weeks) and playing a lot of playstation games (squaresoft took my life and gave my final fantasy x in exchange... i think it was a fair trade (save the fucking horrible voice acting))

I feel comfortable having other people know about my writings on Oasis?

Yes, I have no secrets
21% (13 votes)
No, I don't want anyone to know
39% (24 votes)
Some close friends know, but most don't
26% (16 votes)
My friends know, but my family doesnt
13% (8 votes)
Total votes: 61
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Shaving ..

No getting around it.. i fucking hate shaving. I hate it so much I have decided on month long moratorium of the senseless and annoying act. I am starting to hate myself for this little experiment though. Week 3 and the lower half of my face is in shaggy mode, and I am just annoyed by it.

I just wish my facial hair would grow in equally , such as around my mouth , so I can do things with it that I want to do (Ie: a goatee .. or something). However , I am stuck with shaving more often than I would have liked for less benefit than I would have liked (mostly coz my face is like velcro after 2 days). If I can't do anything with it , why doesnt it atleast fucking grow slower so it doesnt matter as much.

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Queer South Beach Dancer

Joe Phillips is at it again. The gay cartoonist has a delightful new flash animation up at Queer South Beach.

I also stumbled upon tons of gay related links which i documented here on my personal site

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Lonelily - Damien Rice

For the uninformed .. Damien Rice is one of my favorite 'new' artists. Look him up if you are into the counting crows, duncan sheik and / or ryan adams.

I gave me away
I could have knocked off the evening
But a lonelily landed my walls (??) in her hands
In a way I felt you were leaving me
I was sure I wouldn't find you at home
And you let me down
Could have knocked off the evening

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At first i was afraid...

I was petrified ... kept thinking i could never live without you by my side.

Have I mentioned lately how much i fucking love the internet? Any weird ass thing that someone manages to think up makes it way directly into my brain. Lately I have been not sleeping too well. Screw squaresoft and their ridiculously addictive rpg games. =\. I went to bed at 4 am after playing Chrono Cross for like 9 hours. It doesnt help that i got the adapter for my X-arcade stick too... which means marvel vs capcom 2, guilty gear x and tekken 4 on my arcade controller.

I have also decided today is feather boa day.. and i am having a disco moment ALL DAY LONG!. I love my job .. i can wear a feather boa and afro wig to work without anyone batting an eyelid.

Strangely , this is the kind of post I usually prefer to put on my website , but i guess until i have syndication set up like i want it.. I don't mind posting it here too. =)

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Adrian , lord of hedonism


I went to this rave that is organized by a bunch of my friends.
It was lovely. I have more info about it at my site., i just wanted to post the
picture here since i though you guys might find it amusing =)

To see the full picture, just click on the thumbnail , or see it (with more info .. ) here

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On the 'bound

So now i am single again? Great, so now what. Already I am aching for some mind blowing non-committing sex. Yet, I want to get back in the saddle and find another Real relationship too. Does the fact that I just broke up with someone I had a real connection with automatically make my next entanglement null and void? I want to be that close to someone again, yet I don't want to allow myself to get that close to someone again. Relationships sure fuck you up , I kinda see where my parents get their trust issues.

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Emotional Quagmires, these are the gays of our lives.

I have just gone through what happens to be one of the hardest periods of my life. Firstly .. i have to finish off how me and the boyfriend met though. Although he is now my ex-boyfriend .. but that happens later , or a few days ago , depending on how you look at it.

We hooked up on the train party , and quickly got very into each other. What was nice, was the fact that I could actually talk about work without him going completely blank on me. Things were slowly moving forward, until skip called me one morning and said we needed to speak. So the entire day i sit wondering what the hell is going on in his head.

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If I Am ...

Lyrics to : Nine Days - If I Am.
(I really wish they would release another album)

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Willy Wonka , the porn film

Something Positive is currently doing a series of strips about it. *snigger*

Oh ... and before i forget:

I highly recommend people visit my website for many a mad moment.

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My Beau. Part 1

For those of you who are unaware. I have been involved with a completely awesome guy for almost 3 months now.
We have gotten quite serious aswell. I think for the first time in my life , I can truly say I am in love. =)

What follows, is the tale of how we met .. and fell for each other....

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Feel free to seeth at jeff

He went to see the counting crows .. live. He was one of 50 people in the club where they did an acoustic set for some video promoting their upcoming best of album.

Gravity Always Wins

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