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Suddenly, I'm miss punk rock star of stage and screen..

and i aint never... never turning back! (I love hedwig =))

Geez.. i have such a busy weekend again. *sigh* .. i neglected to sleep much last night, and it turns out me and my boyfriend have a jazz evening thingy we need to attend tongight. =\

Oh well , atleast we have the house to ourselves.. no telling what kind of malice we can get up to *snigger* So here I am sitting at work .. just chilling to some dave matthews, hoping to god the evening won't be too taxing. Possibly maybe.. probably not though.

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Praise the internet


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Oasis Downtime

Oasis will be down for most of the day tomorrow (Friday 10 October) due to the site upgrade , the site should be available again on friday night, failing that .. saturday morning.

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update this weekend postponed until next weekend

small shot of oasis version next
I still have too much to sort out/bug test before i can safely move the content over.. Nonetheless, here is a small teaser. Not that amazing yet.. but hey .. i said it wasnt going to be

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Scheduled Oasis Dowtime

Just a quick note to say that Oasismag will be down on and off this coming weekend (fri 3 sept to sun 5 sept) due to some upgrades happening to the Oasis core.

Most of the changes aren't going to be incredibly visible at first , but it's the start of the return of user sites.

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Geoff Ryman - Lust (or No Harm Done)

Lust turned out to be one of the most fiercely original novels I have every had the pleasure of reading. It manages to surpass it's pulp fiction sounding plot (making carbon copies of whoever you want to shag.. heh .. a threesome with a clone of myself and colin farrel .. mmm) and turns into one of the most gripping novels I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

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Buffy , willow , tara et. al.

Well then,

It has taken me many years to finally get to the point of giving this brilliant show the time it deserves.

I am about halway through the show at the moment , finishing season 4 probably tonight.. and i must just say how _fucking_ brilliant this show it.

It just works, great writing .. lotsa action .. funny dialog. My favorite part of the 4th season has to be the entire willow->oz->tara story arc however. Very very elegantly done , and will+tata make such a cute couple.

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Gay people the "pinnacle of evolution", study says

At a time when religious and conservative right wing groups are attempting to dismiss homosexuality as "unnatural", a leading zoologist has said gay people could be seen as the "pinnacle of evolution".

Speaking at the Edinburgh Book Festival, Clive Bromhall said that mankind's evolution has resulted in a present state of "infantilism", where we break the primate mould by being playful, creative and child-like right into adulthood.

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Bush wants marriage reserved for heterosexuals

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush said Wednesday he has government lawyers working on a law that would define marriage as a union between a woman and a man, casting aside calls to legalize gay marriages.

"I believe marriage is between a man and a woman and I believe we ought to codify that one way or the other and we have lawyers looking at the best way to do that," the president said a wide-ranging news conference at the White House Rose Garden.

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I have a new site.

I finally got off my ass and built a new website for myself.

Daemon: Corruption Incorporated. The reason it is a seperate site and not something just on oasis, is that I have a large amount of technical things i will be posting.It's not the place for it.

But the good news is that you will possibly see some of the new oasis technology in action. The site is very pretty if i do say so myself , and all the stuff i learnt while making it are being applied to the new oasis too.

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22 Candles.

Well .. this past weekend I turned another year older, not too sure if I turned wiser however. My attitude to life, the universe and everything has changed a lot. The answer (42) notwithstanding , it is the question that drives us. (wow .. references to both the hitchiker's guide and the matrix in a single sentence... bow to my pop-culturisms).

Now.. there are a number of truths I have observed, there are a number of theories that have been shattered, there are lessons learnt , battles lost and won .... and a lot of space where something should have been but wasn't. Habits have changed , but friends have remained constant. I guess what I have learned through the last year, is that life is a mix of good and bad, and that you can't really expect things to always go your way , hence a certain amount of planning is neccesary.

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Hubba Hubba

I was making my weekly TheOnion trip when i found this. Hubba hubba.. =)

Anyway , my weekend went well and was totally over the top (welcome back to my evil hedonistic twin.. i missed ya). I went to a party that started at 7pm on saturday and ended at midnight on sunday. During that time I managed to watch The Recruit. I have decided I am a plane ticket away from being a colin farrel stalker.. =)

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Obscene , Dirty, Filthy, Immoral ... aww yeah!

Well then , for those uninformed , the topic is the lyrics for what has been my 'anthem' for the last 18 months, you can hear a sample here (real audio.) .. i _refuse_ to support windows media anything. It features prominently on the Nick Warren disc on Renaissance: Revelation , which is very very very high on my list of top progressive house mixes of 2001.

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Sitting online... at gym. *snigger*

My gym has seen fit to have free internet access available to members. Guess that's the end of my training regimen.

Ok, i lie =) .. i am finally gymming again , aswell as eating healthily. plus.. to go with all that.. i have stopped taking chemicals and partying myself into the ground.

Anyway.. it's eaasier to pick up guys in gym anyway *knowing grin*. Like the time i met the guy in the steam room, ended up going to his place afterwards and post-coitally finding out he's an old family friend. That was lots of fun =)

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Fixing Oasis - Adrian's Reply

I have been hard at work implementing a lot of things for oasis, including a buddy list mechanism , whereby user's who you trust and like are allowed to post comments on your site, read posts specifically marked as friends only , and have a 'my friend's updates' block available to you.

The current version of the oasis software unfortunately does not allow for me to configure restrictions on posting on such a level. This means I am going to upgrade the software on oasis on friday (note: this is scheduled downtime), to an intermediatary stage before the new rollout of user sites.

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