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So, next steps...

Seems pretty safe to say that Oasis is going to disappear this year... I don't see any path emerging to turning that around.

Adrian is in favor of the site living on in some read-only format. I'm not certain that will have any relevance, but I don't have any strong enough objections to doing that.

So, well in advance of the shut down, I want to get adrian to add some functionality that we'll need.

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Oasis is legal!

It is hard to believe I forgot to mention this yet, but on December 1, Oasis turned 18.

Which means, were it a site member, I would have hinted it could now legally send me naked photos. And, like 99.9999999% of site members, it wouldn't send me any...

Anyway, just figured I should mark the birthday.

Even as the fate of the site hangs in the balance, it is still important to think of how many people the site has helped and continues to help.

I just can't believe I had the foresight to start Oasis when I was 12 years old!

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Check this out...

For anyone who bookmarks Journals and skips the main page of the site, I wanted to make sure you saw this:

Comment there, please.


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No Sunday Starbucks update from Super Duck!!!

That has to mean she's off getting laid, no?!

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Headed offline for a week of beach reading, see ya on the flip side.

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I just scored a One Direction ticket for tonight!

I thought you should all know! ;-)

Harry, I'm on my way!!!

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This is a test, will we pass?

We don't have a lot of reviews on this site anymore, for a simple reason: my lack of time.

But I get offered stuff all the time to review, though. I just refuse it.

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Oasis next steps...

So, although the ongoing crashing was less than ideal, and will take a while to recover from as far as people expecting the site to work when they come here, it does mean some positive things.

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Here I go, here I go, here I go again...

Girls, what's my weakness?

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Back in business...

Oasis is back up again. Figure it's easier for me to post something new so you know rather than having to sort it out...

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Looks like...

... we're back up and running.

For now.

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Proceed with caution...

Site appears to be back, but I never heard from adrian that he fixed it (which usually happens), so good chance it broke itself and then fixed itself, which means very likely it will break itself again...

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Looks like we're back?

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Hot Young Gay Teens...

The journal I wrote for today is about my coming out story, so in case anyone's interested, it is here:

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For the intrigued...

I am writing a daily essay in 2013 and posting it to my website at

It's some personal stuff that I haven't tended to share before. So, if that interests you, here is the intro post describing the project and, from there, you can read three more essays that have been posted so far...

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