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Oasis!!...Let Me Know...

I'm scared of people like you,
but i'm not scared of you

i would like to know what this means to people.
i thought of it one day in the shower. it sounded
so right to my situation with me ex. but not knowing
the "ex" thing, what do YOU think (oasis members)?
when i get a few opinions i'll let ya'll know what it
means to me.

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she's my motivation

laying in her ora
i feel at peace
she's not by my side
but she's in my heart
and i intend to make her my wife

waiting for that day
i can once again call her mind
is worth all this pain

im still livin strong
and i see her at the end of this tunnel
may be in the distance
but in sight
is why i live

doin things for my self
getting it together
livin it single and feelin great
workin 9 - 5

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time does heal all wonds

today i got a job, it's not the job that i wanted the most but i still have two interviews tomorrow. hopefully i get what i want. if not, at least i'll get a paycheck. yea!! but last night...omg! i went to my friends house and just my luck my ex shows up after i've been there for about 20 minutes. it was awkard. at first she was hiding from me but after a while she sat next to me. it took some time but we shared words. hardly any but words were there. then today she sent me an email talkin about she still loves me and that once she gets things together in her life she would like to see were we go. i still love her and the future is what i'm waiting for to see if she's still there for me. but after all the pain she put me thru the last few weeks, i feel as if i have become a stronger person. i truely due believe in "what does not kill you makes you stronger." AND "what goes around comes around" these last two months i think i have grown as a person a lot. on how to handle relationships, EVERYTHING in general.

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What's Goin On With You These Days?

whats goin on with you these days
you told me one thing
now i see another
whats goin on with you these days

i thought you really cared about me
dont lie
cause from my heart
it's true
if it's not like that from you
dont lie

on the phone that night
you began to cry
what was goin on
past your eyes
and into your mind?
it seems like the truth is being blocked
you placed it there

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Standing Alone With All This Pain

everything that was said
everything that was done
i feel, has gone to waste
look at me now
standing alone
staring at you thru this window
feeling all this pain
you brought upon my heart

i see the distance between us
it's not too far
but i feel like i watch you
from a foreign telelvision screen
you're now a character
that i can only wonder about

in my life,
you choose to no longer exists

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she threw my heart away

my ex, the one person i gave all my heart to and thought i had all of hers told me on saturday night that it may be best we dont talk anymore. i told her that the way she was acting was hurting me and she decided that us not talking was the sloution. she didnt wanna talk about it, she didnt wanna change it, she didnt wanna try.

i dont know if im more pist at her or more hurt by her decision. she doesnt understand but she still told me that she is in love with me.

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7 Hour Conversation

I talked to her for seven hours and it was "great" we both finally realized how long we were on the phone when it was 6 hours into the conversation. it didnt even feel like it either, we talked the whole time, never an awkard silence. i thought it was funny because i lloked at the clock when it was eight something and didnt look again until it said 12 something at night. it felt soo good to talk to her. we had this flirtation thing goin on, omg! i havent stopped smilin since i woke up this morning. she kept on mentioning how she liked this one girl but she wouldnt tell me. but she did tell me other peoples names of who she liked. i ffelin good right now and im really starting to like her that much more, knowing that i have a chance with her.

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Standing In Awe

She sits there so quiet

gazing out the window

the light from the setting sun

luminating her face so eliquiently

with the suttle orange glow

I never thought I'd see such beauty

She looks so peaceful

Seeing her there

How could evil exists in this world

I want to sit with her

and share her tranquility

But standing in awe

has frozen my body

Who would've known a person could be so much in love

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The Notebook

Oh my God, I just saw the movie The Notebook. I was soo good. OMG! i never cry during a movie, but with this one, omg...i couldn't help it. A love story that was soo real. It did hit my heart more because im in love but not with her. it's crazy, but that movie was the best one i have seen since Love & Basketball. I strongly recommend that anyone with a love sholud watch tis movie.

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A Long Over Due Good Day Today

my day started off slow, but picked up wonderfully as each hour passed by. i was doing good in the class that im failing by 20 points.

passing period, this one cute chick talked to me. got to class, and finally got something in science that i didnt understand at all. i only wish i coulda gotten it the first time i had the class. now im stuck with it a second year. BLAH!

and im also about to get a cd on boot-leg that was crunk as hell. some guy had it that sits next to me. gettin that mess for 'cinco dineros'!! (five dollars) and that's a set of two cds.

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i've been cursed with a deadly diease........love

I'm sittin here at home unable to do anything except think about HER. Why must i be cursed to this awful diease of love. I say cursed because every passing day she manages to break my heart that much more. Why cant i let her go? I know what i need to do, but every second spent with her, every gaze into her eyes i fall for her just a little harder. It used to be so great. When she was mine and i was hers. We would make love for hours and fall asleep in each others arms. Talk until midnight almost every night. But times have changed and so have her thoughts.

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Who actually likes listening to rap on a regular basis????

I like rap i can listen to it all day. only every now and then am in not in the mood to hear it. but i wanna know who else likes it. and an odd questoin, i would also like to know where you live.

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A Song That Is The Truth

Natalie - Going Crazy

Ever since the day you went away and left me lonely and cold
My life just hasn't been the same ohh baby, nooo
When I looked into your eyes the moment that I let you go
I just broke down (down)

Baby if I ever get the chance to be with you again I would sacrifice
Cuz the feeling that I feel within
No othe 'girl' would ever make me feel so right
It's nice to smile when I get your phone call at night
But I'd rather have you here with me, right next to me
I miss the way you hold me tight

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she tells me she loves me but shes about to have a new girlfriend

me and my ex still talked and practially acted like we were still together. but recently a new girl came into the picture on her side. i was getting cautious and kinda "worried". her and this girl talked a lot and she was talked about a lot by my ex as my friend informed me. but today, december 21 i called her and she gave me the news. her and this chick are about to hook up. and just the day before she told me how she doesnt want to loose me and how much she loves me.

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Explosive Desires

I'm going crazy these days. I wanna scream. I wanna shout. I wanna pull out my hair. But I wanna lick, I wanna taste, I wanna run my fingers thru her hair. I want her to be mine so bad but i dont know how to make that happen. I wanna lay her down on my bed and kiss her body from her lips down to her thighs. To feel her fragile body move to actions of my tounge would make the vains in my body explode.

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