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Garbage Day

Tracy stood just inside her front window, peering anxiously through the miniblinds at the neighboring houses. She glanced at her watch. Five forty-two. The garbage man should be rolling through any minute. Tracy stretched her neck and surveyed the street again. Her trash can was the only one ready for emptying; its black lid yawned back, pop cans and styrofoam and toilet paper and a burned-out CPU and the door to the oven and a bunch of milk and other dairy products bursting out the top like a giant garbage pinata. All of her neighbors, Tracy saw, had left their cans primly rooted in their accustomed spots. There would be no pickup for them, it seemed. And why would there be? Even from her poor vantage point Tracy could see that the other cans were neatly closed and hollow; no sticky chicken blood on the handle, no dried vomit running down the side...

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I went for a walk today
I should of ran
Though no distance
Would have rid my being
Of you

As I walked
I thought of you
Playing in my head
A conversation
We never had

Only a few moments ago
I looked into your eyes
You were looking back
Into mine

Many words went unsaid
Many emotions restrained
The moment is lost
The feelings still here
I want to show you my soul
I hate that you are afraid

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Tear drops fall over your hand like petals to old lace. Tears not of regret but of fulfillment and your replace.

I care not for casualties and careless thoughts of lament. I cry for words and promises that are true and always kept. A life of love and devotions are not just a concept. But a true and beautiful reality stable and never sent.

Heartbeats from further away but present nonetheless. Always caring always sharing those feelings in the flesh. I capture all these qualities and lock them in my breast. A place not just for hiding but like keeping in a nest. I care and watch over these feelings like an eternal trying test.

I float on words and gestures and accept all those I get. A low and faulty footstep that i shouldn't have let.

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Pale Green

Jealousy is a peculiar entity. Peculiar in that you never really know when it'll come and take a handful of your guts. Twisting them around. Digging its nails in. Smiling. Kissing your nose. Then disappearing into the ether. Leaving you in a heap.

It does it because it can. Like a bully picking on the kid with the weirdly huge hair in school. It's easy. It's satisfying--unless you're that kid. And it fills some time. Yes, jealousy is a bully.

Jealousy is a peculiar entity. Peculiar in that you can't tell it you don't have time.

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Ever been bothered by a Christian?

The only thing I hate about being gay is the amount of shit we get from homophobes.
Especially Christians.
Their only argument is the bible, we're forbiden, blah blah blah.
No offense if any of you are Christians of course, everyone is entitled to freedom
of religion.
Lots of Christians annoy me when they force the "word of god" in my face.
They constantly blather about the true word of god and insist that

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